Everyone has seen the large LED screen in the background of the TV station Do you know how to design

Everyone has seen the large LED screen in the background of the TV station. Do you know how to design it?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-17
Every day we see a large full-color LED display behind the anchor of a TV show. If you don’t know the full-color LED display, you won’t know how this screen is so big, so let’s take you today. Learn about the large LED screen in the background of the TV station. TV station background LED large screen overall design principles TV station’s LED display system design basic guiding ideology and principles are: overall planning, demand-oriented, application-driven construction, while considering the combination of high starting point, high integration, practicality and advancement , It is safe, easy to use, and forward-looking. Taking demand as the first starting point: The core of the system design is to provide comprehensive, convenient and fast multimedia information publishing services. Lu'an TV station project background LED large-screen TV station background LED large-screen display features TV station full-color LED display design and manufacturing, reliable quality, advanced technology and mature, in line with industry norms and technological development trends. The video and audio interfaces and internal processing of video and audio of the display system meet the professional broadcast and television specifications. The display screen can combine the characteristics of the broadcast and television signals to provide a realistic, complete, and high-quality LED display for the television broadcast signals. The screen image has high resolution and clarity, and the high refresh rate ensures that the screen image is clear and does not flicker. The display color reproduction is true, and the digital movie is played in real time. The image has soft and realistic color, rich gray scale, strong layering and three-dimensional effect. Chinese International Channel C03 studio background LED large-screen full-color LED display project configuration and product technical features TV station’s large-screen LED display platform generally uses a new type of small-pitch LED display, seamless splicing technology, multi-screen image processing technology, video The application of monitoring signal technology, signal switching technology, network technology and other scientific and technological means are integrated to form a truly seamless splicing, with high brightness, clear and smooth pictures, high grayscale, high refresh, advanced technology, powerful functions, and easy to use LED large screen display system. The integrated visual video interactive system provides a network centralized monitoring platform and information resource sharing platform.
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