Exhibition warm-up The 2017 Beijing CIT exhibition is the highlight of the living room theater and h

[Exhibition warm-up] The 2017 Beijing CIT exhibition is the highlight of the living room theater and home theater enthusiasts

by:XY Screens     2021-09-29
Since 2011, the annual CIT exhibition has become a vane leading the development of the audio-visual integration industry. On June 16-18, the CIT2017 exhibition kicked off again, and it will bring many new audio-visual technologies, new products and new solutions. A major advantage of CIT2017 compared with previous years is that it not only brings together the essence of many home smart audio and video, including home theater, smart central control, acoustic materials, etc., but also adds system integration, premium audio and digital entertainment. Content. The 2016 CIT exhibition features a dome cinema system, an ultra-short throw anti-light screen, and an ultra-short throw fusion system, allowing users to experience the stunning visual effects at a close distance, realizing the audio-visual experience that home theater enthusiasts have always dreamed of. The exhibition period attracted reporter interviews and traffic with shocking visual effects. In 2017, China Audiovisual Integration Technology Exhibition will take the latest audiovisual entertainment technology, products and solutions as the theme, and integrate content including network, 4K, intelligence, on-demand theater, commercial theater, whole house electronic integration design, digital entertainment, forum training, etc. , To ensure that the 2017 exhibition has a higher level and richer content. In 2017, we will participate in this exhibition with important products such as ultra-short-focus light-resistant screens, long-focus light-resistant screens, and 4K nano-frame screens. Welcome to come and experience it. The booth is located at VIP2-1 on the south side of the second floor. It is worth noting that the proportion of the living room theater/home entertainment part in the entire CIT2017 exhibition this year has been greatly improved compared with previous years. You will see many ultra-short throw laser projectors at the CIT2017 exhibition. Laser TV, anti-light curtain, living room theater surround sound box system solutions. For those who want to create a large-screen surround sound system in the living room, don't miss it. The high-end custom-installed home theater part has always been the highlight of previous CIT exhibitions, and this year is no exception. Pay attention to the official account to participate in the lottery prizes: first prize, second prize, third prize First prize: notebook Second prize: Cup Third prize: WeChat Mall 20 points Lottery rules: 1. Two lucky draw opportunities every day, Each time 1 point is consumed, the points can be obtained in the check-in in the micro SHOW under the WeChat public account. 2. Learn knowledge, read the official account soft article, follow the official account to reply to the lottery, click on me to start the activity! Participate in the lottery. 3. Click to read the original text, you can directly participate in the lucky draw.
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