Expert suggestion-pay attention to environmental protection when purchasing screens Projection scree

[Expert suggestion-pay attention to 'environmental protection' when purchasing screens] Projection screens

by:XY Screens     2021-11-10
Large-screen projection systems are increasingly being widely used in various fields such as offices, schools, entertainment venues and even home theaters. But when people appreciate and watch the large-screen presentation, they find that some projection screens will release a strong peculiar smell when they are turned on. This peculiar smell can cause headaches, tears, nausea, and fatigue. After investigation, this is because these projection screens use 'benzeneIt is caused by chemical solvents such as 'xylene
   Therefore, experts suggest that when choosing projection screens, in addition to factors such as price and performance, they must also pay special attention to 'environmental protection' factors, especially whether there is a peculiar smell when the screen is turned on. At the expense of personal health. Especially the classrooms and other environments will affect the health of teachers and students for a long time, especially in relatively closed environments.
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