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by:XY Screens     2021-09-29
A family    an environment can affect a person. If that environment is happy, then you will be happy too. -----------Inscription Every time I come back from the outside, my colleagues will kindly ask: 'I'm back?' 'I am not willing to interrupt this warm care. Back at the door, there is really a feeling of homecoming. All the rushing has found a purpose and an exit.   Indeed, it is warm, smile is their endorsement of warmth. Whether it is strange or familiar, a smile is enough to close the distance between each other, or tired or sleepy, there is nothing in this smile. People will not be different because you just arrived. We firmly believe that when you enter the door, you are people.     For every event, the staff of various departments of the company will make many suggestions, and they are all actively participating. They believe that power-lifting activities are not a matter of a person, nor a matter of a department, but a matter of the entire company. They actively participate in this big family with a master mentality. People are harmonious. Whether it is a person in your own department or another department, where you can help, you will definitely help. The simplest good word that answers others the most is. From managers to employees, they help others and never think about what they can bring to themselves. We always believe in fate and enter together, then we are the people with fate. I like the kind and helpful atmosphere, kind and caring.    , from the time I entered the company until now, it feels good. Just as Mr. Zhang said, from the top of Mount Everest, it is holy, and what we do must be worthy of this holy. Here, there is no deceit, no care, we only know that the human spirit is to innovate continuously, from excellence to excellence, to carry forward the spirit of hard work; we also know that our social responsibility is to love our motherland and serve the society to the maximum. . So, when you hear the loud national anthem we sing every Monday, when you learn that we have distributed supplies to the disaster area time and time again, and condolences to the veterans who have contributed to the motherland, please don’t be surprised, what you see What I heard is just the tip of the iceberg. Our company is a responsible and responsible enterprise, and we do our best to match the holiness of Mount Everest.    , after eleven years, she is constantly growing. I always believe that, like a family, with mutual support, we can stand at the top of the projection industry and look up to the entire audiovisual world!
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