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Fashionable and beautiful, a brief analysis of the production method of spherical LED display

by:XY Screens     2021-10-14
The emergence of LED electronic displays not only brings great convenience to our lives, but also adds color to the city. With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, the design of LED display has become more artistic and aesthetic. LED displays of various shapes such as 'wave-shaped' and 'spherical' have appeared. The spherical LED display is a fashionable, beautiful and flexible LED display product newly developed in recent years. It is different from the ordinary LED display in the process and craftsmanship. Spherical screen Spherical LED display screens are classified into two types in production: the first type is a full spherical LED display screen. Generally, such a ball is relatively small, about 2 meters in diameter, and can be viewed as a whole at a close distance; the second type is a hemispherical LED display. Generally, such a ball is relatively large and needs to be viewed from a distance. There are roughly the following methods for making spherical LED display screens: 1. For outdoor spherical LED display screens with larger diameters, a single-pixel tube can be used. Cut the ball according to the latitude, and place a row of LED pixel tubes at each latitude. 2. For indoor spherical LED displays with smaller diameters, you can use surface mount three-in-one LED lights, use flexible PCB boards to make point-by-point controllable light strips, and then the light strips, like the first form, surround the sphere according to the latitude. 3. For indoor screens, special LED unit boards can also be designed according to the dot pitch. The special-shaped unit board can be designed as a triangle for splicing, or it can be designed as a hexagon for splicing (just like a football, composed of multiple hexagons). The indoor LED spherical screen models are: P4, P5, P6, P10 And many other models are available.
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