Features of wireless remote control full-color LED display_full-color LED display manufacturer|Huaze

Features of wireless remote control full-color LED display_full-color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-01
With the advent of this modern technology and the advancement of wireless remote electronic equipment, the full-color LED display can now be controlled remotely just like other display devices, which greatly facilitates the transmission of data and ensures the correctness and consistency of data. Sex and efficiency. The characteristics of the wireless full-color LED display are mainly transmitted wirelessly and released in real time, without distance limitation, and easy to maintain. 1. No distance limitation: traditional LED large screens can only be used within short distances, generally only tens of meters, wireless full-color LED displays are available across the country, as long as wireless gsm/gprs/cdma/3G networks cover places It can be used without limitation of distance and location. 2. Real-time information release: The traditional large LED screen can only display the information stored in the controller in a fixed manner. If new information needs to be released, the wireless LED display screen can accept the information issued by the information center at any time. 3. Large-scale networking: The content of the traditional LED large screen is sent by the computer through the serial port data line. The large LED screen is limited in number and scale. The wireless full-color LED display publishing system uses DTU to publish information and adopts the TCP/IP network. Transmission protocol or SMS message protocol, the number of terminals connected to the network is not limited. 4. Easy to install and maintain. Because there is no need to lay optical cables and communication cables, the installation location of the wireless full-color LED display is easy to choose, and the product adopts a modular design, which is convenient for maintenance and repair. System design principles: 1. Practicability: The operation of the entire system is convenient and concise, and colleges and universities are the goal, that is, it fully reflects the characteristics of fast communication, and it is convenient for operators to process and release information, so that the management can understand various statistical information in a timely manner. Advancement: make full use of computer Internet resources, mobile wireless communication system, led display control and other advanced technologies. With domestic advanced wireless led display information release system, it adopts the current advanced system software platform and terminal equipment, not only can support wireless led Display information is published online, it is needed, and it can support the specific business needs of various industries. 3. Scalability: The system must have good scalability. When the number of terminals increases, the scope of use is expanded, and the system functions are enhanced, which can be upgraded steadily and protect investment. 4. Confidentiality: Strict authority management is implemented for the management of the system, and only keys with certain authority can be accessed, monitored, implemented, correspondingly managed, and controlled to ensure system security. 5. Reliability: Due to the particularity of the use environment of the wireless led display information release system, the relative stability of the system must be ensured. The wireless full-color LED display is based on making full use of the Internet. The system is easy and simple to operate, which can ensure the relative stability of the system. Only the authorized key can be accessed. The confidentiality is extremely high. The number of terminals is automatically enhanced.
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