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by:XY Screens     2021-09-09
Time flies. In a blink of an eye, it has been two months since I joined the company. Looking back now, I experience different things every day, and every day is also worth savoring. August 4, 2011 is worth remembering for me, because this is my first day to officially report to work in the Xi’an office. Manager Ning gave me a brief introduction to the general situation of the projection company, and I also know this. The brand has a very high market share. It is a well-known brand of projection screens in China. Because I have never touched the product knowledge of projection before, I don’t know anything about it. Manager Ning of the office asked me to talk to the company first. I have an understanding of the product, and then I first learn about the product information, I have a general understanding. In the first week of work, I spent a week in the office to learn product knowledge, and I gradually learned some basic knowledge of the projection screen and got in touch with the screen. During the process, Manager Ning also explained some relevant knowledge to me, which enabled me to have more knowledge and understanding of this industry, and also developed a strong interest in this brand product. Through a week of simple learning and For training, I started to contact the customers by phone to make formal visits and introduce the products and related prices to the customers. Because I still have limited product knowledge, I still can’t answer some questions raised by the customers. I feel ashamed, but I Always adhere to one point: 'No matter who is facing a strange thing, he will not understand everything. It is after a long-term practice and experience accumulation, and I firmly believe that I will do it. In the process of communicating with customers At the same time, I also exercise my ability and skills to communicate with others. Through my one-month business practice exercise, my scope of knowledge has also expanded, and my understanding has also changed. People say, don’t think that being a salesperson is just simple Of course, the product is our ultimate goal. In the process of communicating with customers, we must first sell ourselves to customers, let customers identify you as a person, and then customers may need your products. September On the 18th, Manager Ning informed me that I would go to the company’s headquarters for training. At that time, I was very happy because it was a good opportunity for a new employee who just joined the company. Know more about professional knowledge, so that I can better introduce my products to customers. So, I came to Shenzhen and met Mr. Zhang and Director Xiao at the company headquarters.... Although it was the first time I saw it. Mr. Zhang, but he gave me a very cordial feeling and was welcomed by my colleagues. According to Director Xiao’s training arrangement, I would first go to the factory to produce the first line and be familiar with the entire production process of the product. That’s how I arrived at the factory. I started to work in the engineering workshop with my colleagues on the same day, because the factory is the first stop of the entire product, and the entire production process is completed in the factory, so that I can grasp the first-hand information of the entire product and truly understand what a complete projection screen is. How to make it. Every process is very important from the cutting of the cloth in the early stage to the installation and debugging, and packaging in the later stage. I also follow the masters as their helpers, watching, learning, and doing, as the saying goes. It’s better to go through it a thousand times by hand, do it yourself, master it quickly and deepen your memory, especially the installation of some large-scale engineering electric screens and frame screens. You must be cautious in every aspect of the installation process, and reduce some necessary troubles and avoid losses. I commute with my colleagues every day, eat together, and play together on weekends. I remember that the factory held a birthday party for the employees on the evening of September 27. I also went to participate. It was like being in my own home. Everyone was brothers and sisters. They sang and played together. It felt very warm. The company holds birthday parties for employees every month. It can be said that this practice is almost unavailable in other companies. This also truly embodies the company's people-oriented philosophy and makes employees feel the warmth of home. I am very moved when I see these. During the period of staying in the factory, I also learned a lot of knowledge and understood the issues that should be paid attention to when installing some engineering screens. The internal installation and debugging of the electric screen are all good. In short, I think I stayed in the factory. The product knowledge I learned in more than two weeks is also very comprehensive, but I still need to continue to understand in the future, learn more from my colleagues, and ask others humbly, so that I can understand my products more thoroughly and master more. Comprehensive, it also lays a solid foundation for better business development in the future. Now I have also returned to the company from the factory to receive new business training and learn to master some business knowledge. I believe this training will be of great help to me. Although I have been here for a short period of time, the study and training during this period has also recognized the company. This is the job I have always hoped for, and the company I like. I will cherish this training opportunity and strive to master the product. Knowledge, after returning to the Xi’an office, we can better carry out business work, do our part for the future, and hope to create greater value for the future. At the same time, I firmly believe that the future will be due to the joint efforts of all employees of the company. Tomorrow will be even better, and it will become a famous brand well-known at home and abroad. Spread your wings and soar!
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