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Film and television enjoyment

by:XY Screens     2021-09-10
High-quality audio-visual life is indispensable to top-level private theaters. This is the ideal in the hearts of all high-quality audio-visual people who love movies and music. The concept of focusing on private cinema is undoubtedly an important manifestation of the essence of home audio-visual technology and integrated audio-visual technology. Another title of private cinema is the familiar home theater, which is an objective manifestation of the transformation of professional cinema systems to the home field. form. The existence of private cinemas not only exists in luxury houses, but can be realized even in the home environment of snail dwellings. However, due to the influence of acoustic and optical factors, the larger the area, the easier it is to show excellent audio-visual effects, so Many top private cinemas have come to proudly house villas.  The key to a top-level private theater is to establish it under perfect audio and video standards, and to integrate it by referring to various international audio and video standards, combining the actual environment in the room and interior decoration. Therefore, an excellent private theater is the integration of audio-visual and home furnishing, which is one of the manifestations of system integration and electronic installation. Through rapid development in recent years, private cinema has gradually entered the ordinary family from an unfamiliar concept. The private theater system components include signal source, home theater projection system, multi-channel surround sound system and control system. HD and 3D are the main driving forces for the development of private cinema, and each part of the private cinema basically revolves around these two driving forces. Signal sources include Blu-ray players, high-definition network players, HTPC and high-definition TV broadcasts, etc. Among them, the new generation of Blu-ray players with full HD and 3D audio and video output is favored by the most users, and high-definition network players rely on the network Advantages and quick and convenient practicality are also favored by many players. The home theater projection system is composed of a projector and a projection screen. At present, mainstream home theater projectors have stable full HD projection capabilities, and some models also have 3D projection capabilities, which are fully qualified for the playback capabilities of 3D home theaters. There are many types of projection screens. According to different environments and needs, there are white screens, gray screens, wave bead screens, metal screens, etc., which are very different from the single screen material selection of traditional professional cinemas. The surround sound system composed of AV amplifier and multi-channel speakers is a combination of many audio-visual links. Among them, the AV amplifier can receive, process, amplify, and transmit the high-definition video and audio signals input by the signal source, and then output to the home theater Projection equipment and multi-channel speaker system can be called the AV control center of home theater. The multi-channel speaker system is quite different from the traditional two-channel stereo speaker system. There are 5.1, 7.1 or even 9.1 and 11.1 and other modes of existence. It is mainly composed of front speakers, surround speakers, and subwoofers, through a variety of different elements. Combined into a complete home theater speaker system. The control system is a comprehensive system that can control audio and video equipment at the same time, and can also operate simultaneously with lights, curtains, etc., so as to achieve integrated audio and video control.
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