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find yourself in westeros or hogwarts with hollywood\'s new projection technology

by:XY Screens     2020-02-29
At an after-
At the seventh season of \"Game of Thrones\" red carpet premiere at Walt Disney Concert Hall, the attendees watched Kronos revive in front of them in the building.
The cold exterior of the Night\'s King Ice hangs over the event, while the dragon hovers over the arched facade of the hall, breathing the flames that seemed to surround the landmark. Santa Monica-
Based on designer Bart Kresa using a technology called projection mapping, multimedia installations were created for HBO events. Employing high-
Projection mapping powerful video projectors and sophisticated spatial mapping software enable artists and designers to project virtual graphics into the physical world, fitting them to the exact contours and dimensions of almost any surface.
With generous public art funding, projection lighting shows have been popular in Europe for many years.
However, with the progress of basic technology and the increase of price, the rapid development of projection mapping in the United States. S. L. A.
Especially this year,
The round calendar of Hollywood premiere, party and theme park events has become a hotbed of this emerging media.
TCL China Theatre and the Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood all recently have projection devices.
Disneyland also shows predictions of some of its attractions, including the Sleeping Beauty Castle and its small world.
Executives at television and film companies say the technology has helped spark buzz on social media at certain events.
HBO\'s event designer Billy buchikavich said: \"I have received calls from suppliers and friends from all over the world, he used programs such as the projection of \"The Game of Thrones\" at the premiere.
\"Whenever the budget allows, I try to do a projection mapping in some form in the overall design of the activity,\" said buchikawich . \".
Many companies hired for these activities are located in Los Angeles. A.
, Tap the city\'s experienced animators to meet the growing demand for projected map display.
In addition to the HBO premiere, Kresa and his 30-
The individual team at Bartkresa studios created the show for Disney and Warner Bros.
Universal Studios and Grammy Awards.
A projection of Warner Brothers
The party of 2012 almost filled the entire film studio, creating the visual illusion that brought the depth and the appearance of the movement to the multi-storey building. \"It\'s a large-scale, bigger-than-
Life experience, \"says Kresa.
To create a projection, the map carvers first take hundreds of photos of objects or buildings, or collect their exact dimensions using laser scanning technology.
The information is then analyzed by a specialized software that will be 3-
Computer model of structure.
On the model, the software covers the graphics created using a commercial animation program.
Next, the designer made a twist, two.
A size image that perfectly conforms to the shape of a physical object for digital reproduction.
Additional for final product use-
Bright laser or LCD projectors produced by retailers such as Panasonic and Epson cost up to $100,000 each.
Kresa and his staff operated 12 projectors covering HBO\'s concert hall. party.
To attract audiences, telling a compelling story with this technology is just as important as creating compelling visuals, says L. \'s founder and CEO, Yu Gassen. A. -
The company is headquartered in design company YU co.
Since 2015, Yu Minhong and his team of designers have projected the New Year\'s Eve light show to Los Angeles City Hall.
Including the historical building\'s forecast for nearly 30 years.
The face of the story is not only dazzling 3-
But each has a unique narrative theme.
A little boy who follows him explores different neighborhoods in Los Angeles. A.
Discover the history of the city.
\"When I look at a building, I don\'t just think of it as an object, it\'s not just the canvas we project onto,\" Yu said . \".
\"I think it\'s like a character --
There are a lot of stories and memories.
Yu declined to disclose the company\'s financial position, but said demand for projected maps has helped the company\'s revenue grow by more than 50% in recent years.
Philippe Bergeron, founder and head of Los AngelesA. -
Since its establishment in 2009, the business of projection mapping company Paintscaping has also been very active.
Bergon declined to disclose his financial position, but said 2017 would be the most profitable year for the company.
Bergeron said the company typically charges $50,000 to $100,000 per project.
Most of his 20 to 30 contractor teams have experience working in local film and video game studios such as DreamWorks Animation and Digital fields.
\"There are some of the most incredible animators in the world in Los Angeles. A.
\"Said Bergon. L. A.
According to 5,800 Otis Creative Economy report, the county is the main hub for artistic talent, with more than 2017 animators and multimedia artists.
Despite the large number of high-quality animators, projection mapping accounts for only a small portion of Los Angeles\'s activity spendingA.
One reason is that it is difficult to get approval.
City officials may be reluctant to license large businesses.
Fear they will distract drivers from the local highway.
Still, Kate Johnson, a digital media professor at Otis College, said the growth of public cities
The sponsored activities put forward higher requirements for the screening of programs.
\"The projection map is very large throughout Europe, where there is a history of public gatherings,\" Johnson said . \". \"L. A.
It is now an emerging market as it is starting to figure out how to hold big public events.
\"Bergeron\'s company has created some predictions for public places, including Los Angeles. A.
Landmark buildings such as Rodeo Drive, Hollywood and Highland Center have become the main source of income.
Paintscaping produced the map effect in the music video for Rihanna, John Legend and Eminem, and produced TV commercials for Infiniti and BMW.
For BMW, Bergeron and his team have created some projections that appear to be spiral-twisted inside the body.
\"This is not only the artist\'s brush, but also a new paradigm in the field of lighting, marketing and entertainment,\" said Bergeron . \".
In the end, projection mapping may replace smartphones.
San Francisco-
Up light form is building a computer that can be connected to any projector, and in fact it will become a realtime 3-D scanner.
This will enable individual artists to project graphics onto objects while designing them.
Brett Jones, CEO of Lightform, said computers will be available in the fall.
The company, which was founded in 2014, has raised $2.
Seed funds and grants led by Silicon Valley venture capital firm Lux capital and seven Marine partners accounted for 6 million.
\"Projection mapping can provide a compelling visual illusion similar [Virtual reality
\"You will wear headphones,\" Jones said . \".
\"In our version, you have a projector as a light source, and every surface in the room can be an interactive display.
Jones future, which he calls \"projection augmented reality (AR)
, \"You can order a store on Lyft or Amazon simply by touching or talking to the projected monitor.
\"We have a vision to be the projection AR Apple,\" Jones said . \".
Bergeron also predicted the bright future of projection mapping.
\"I see that each bulb is a smart bulb that can be used in 3-
D Live and re
He said.
\"In the future, we will not be able to believe in reality because we will be able to create such an incredibly real effect that you will not know the difference. \"ethan. varian@latimes.
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