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Fire drill in Liyue Industrial Park in 2013-Projection company members

by:XY Screens     2021-10-12
At 16:00 on June 28, 2013, the industrial park fire drill organized by Liyue Industrial Park and participated by all members of Liyue Industrial Park was held on the basketball court of the industrial park on time. All employees of the projection company were led by Mr. Xiao Actively participated in this event. The exercises include the use of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants. This fire drill let everyone understand the importance of fire fighting and how to implement fire fighting and self-rescue methods in the event of a fire. Activities like this are of great significance and far-reaching for the benefit of the country and the people. Fire drill plan 1. The security department blows smoke at the fire site to make a probe alarm. Lingding smoke bomb emits smoke. After receiving the alarm, the central control staff informs the front office customer relations officer and engineering department personnel, bringing walkie-talkies, flashlights, fire phones, and fire fighting Emergency boxes, fire extinguishers, etc. run to the alarm point. After confirming the fire, immediately notify the fire control room with the walkie-talkie, and carry out the initial fire fighting. 2. After receiving the fire confirmation alarm, the check-in personnel in the fire control room will immediately notify the main station according to the alarm procedure, and the main station will notify the various departments and leaders to organize the fire fighting on the spot according to the notification procedure. 3. Fire Fighting Procedure 1. Security Department: Check-in personnel, use walkie-talkies to notify the guards on duty, and report to the security department manager at the same time. The staff on duty use the walkie-talkie to notify the staff on duty to prepare for evacuation and enter the alert state. Volunteer firefighters rushed to the fire scene immediately from the fire exit, immediately connected and laid the hose, and after forcibly cutting off the non-fire power source, immediately used fire hydrant water to fight the fire. 2. Engineering Department: After receiving the alarm, the personnel on duty shall immediately notify the water pump room, power distribution room, and direct-fired machine room. The relevant personnel shall be on standby and the on-site engineering personnel shall cut off the power supply in the fire area. 4. Evacuation procedures Evacuation is a very difficult task. Therefore, it is necessary to proceed calmly, calmly, and in an orderly manner. All employees guide guests in their work area, and evacuate from the fire safety entrance and exit to the safe area outside the apartment in a calm and orderly manner. When the fire became difficult to control, the top person in charge on the scene ordered the call '119' to report to the police. All the staff entered an emergency evacuation state. A member of the security department went outside the apartment to welcome the arrival of the fire truck of the public security fire brigade. The security department guards opened the evacuation exits and executed according to the evacuation plan. Take the department as a team to participate, set up 4 competition events 1, s-3500 smoke bombs red, white, and yellow, placed in the corridor, door, corridor 2, 4*100 fire extinguisher: a total of 4 people, 3 men and 1 woman, The fire extinguisher is used as a baton. There is a brazier at the end of the last one. The last contestant uses a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. 3. Wash the tarp with water at 4*100, the same as above, finally put a small brazier, cover with tarpaulin 4, 4*100 creep forward, each section has a wire rack, there is a fire extinguisher at the end, a brazier 5, 4*100 water connection pipe, The first person used the water pipe head as a baton and passed it to the fourth person. Every section had a water pipe connection. After installation, the water pipe mouth could be passed down. The last person took the water pipe mouth to connect with the water pipe. Evacuation of personnel. The use of fire hydrants in the Liyue basketball court. There are many fire fighters. Some companies have bought inferior fire extinguishers, which caused the fire to fail. This is a warning to everyone! Our company successfully extinguished the flame with a regular fire extinguisher.
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