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Fish and fishing

by:XY Screens     2021-08-11
Fish and Fishing Author: Huang Danfeng Two hungry young men came to the beach for a long journey when they happened to see a fisherman fishing. The fisherman said to them: 'I can give you one thing, a fishing rod or a full basket of fish.' The result of the story is believed to be familiar to everyone: one person chooses a fish; the other chooses a fishing rod, the fisherman He also taught him the skills of fishing. The latter person was praised by everyone: the fish will always be eaten one day, but the fishing technique and rod will always be his own. But the story is not over yet: after both of them took their own things, they happily said goodbye and each walked in their own direction. One month later, the person who chose the fish ate the fish and continued to live a life of hunger; the other person who chose the fishing rod, because he couldn't catch the fish at first, eventually starved to death at the beach. Please forgive me for turning over the stories that everyone is familiar with. However, this story is indeed one of my favorite stories. From this story, I got new enlightenment: First, I learned the fisherman's willingness to give. Logically speaking, the fisherman and the two young men have never met, and even if they talked, they would forget each other by the sea. But he gave them the most precious thing as a fisherman. Or you would say, I don’t see any return from the young man to the fisherman in the story. Is it worth it? However, the sincere and unrequited efforts are more valuable. At least the fisherman has gained his noble character and the joy of the two young people, and even the gratitude of their lives. Therefore, when we walk into this big family first or later, we are destined. People who have never met can be willing to give, and we should do it even more. Between colleagues and colleagues, or your effort, or your inadvertent, trivial contribution, others will be grateful and remember you in their hearts. Second, in the era of ever-changing information, I realized the importance of the team. If two young people in the story can cooperate with each other to form a team, and the person who owns the fish can share his fish with the person who owns the fishing rod before the person who owns the fishing rod catches the fish, then I think the story will be different. An ending. With the increase of age and the accumulation of work society, I have more and more experience: everyone, to accomplish anything, can not rely on himself, especially the greater the achievement, the more inseparable from the entire team. Cooperation. Those who are successful, when summing up their work experience, will mention their thanks to their team. The team's support and cooperation have made them successful. One can imagine how important teamwork and cooperation are to success. Therefore, if we want to fulfill our dream, it will never be achieved by one person or department alone. To step up to a higher level, it is also necessary to rely on mutual cooperation between various departments and to rely on joint efforts. I think that after entering, our goals should be the same, so when we are on the road, when we encounter difficulties and setbacks, we should work together and contribute our light and heat. The success of the company is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of everyone. Third, I realized that thinking about things must be comprehensive and not limited to a certain aspect or a certain point. Recalling the situation of the story, if the two young people can look farther and think more comprehensively, thinking about the consequences of fish but not fish or fish but not fish, then I think the story should have to rewrite the ending. In a society that is changing with each passing day, all connections have become closer and closer. We should think about the possible consequences of anything we do, or think about whether we have done enough and well. If this can be done, then things may achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. In, and even anywhere, everyone can think about things that others have not thought of, do things that others have not done, who can share worries for superiors, and whether they can trouble others. Therefore, when we work, we can think about things as comprehensively as possible and strive to realize our life value in our work. Although the story is a cliché, the enlightenment that the story leaves us is endless. In this society where electronic products are already flooded, we should pick up books and revisit the book. Learning should accompany one's life. As the so-called 'live and learnI sincerely hope that more and more people like to read books, read wisdom and enlightenment from books, and use them to realize the dream of 'getting both fish and fish' in life.
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