Five emerging technologies in the projection industry play a leading role to promote the development

Five emerging technologies in the projection industry play a leading role to promote the development of the projection industry

by:XY Screens     2021-09-07
Nowadays, in the projection field, in addition to the eye-catching 3D technology, reflective short-focus technology, LED light source technology, multimedia playback technology and interactive technology are also quite interesting, and they have played a huge role in promoting the future development of the projection market. . From plane to 3D! DLP leads the popularization of 3D technology. Since Texas Instruments DLP launched the DLP link 3D function last year, most of the DLP projectors in the market now have this technology as standard. Coupled with the promotion of 3D movies and the 3D World Cup, the global 3D projectors The volume has exceeded 300,000 units. Although there are not many consumers who really use 3D functions, they have to admit that 3D technology has played a positive role in the popularization of projectors. Compared with cinema-level 3D solutions, DLP Link technology, which uses shutter glasses to achieve 3D images, is one of the most suitable 3D display technologies for home use. DLP Link technology uses the fast refreshing characteristics of DLP technology, and adds 3D functions to DLP projectors without increasing the cost, making it more conducive to popularization and promotion. At present, the world is committed to strengthening the teaching of science and mathematics, coupled with huge 3D entertainment applications, 3D content and 3D-supporting equipment have been recognized by government, education, business and individual users. At the same time, as the price of DLP Link glasses goes down and 3D film sources are becoming more abundant, the practicality of 3D projectors is gradually improving. Use without PC, projector embedded playback function In the projector market where price wars are constantly being staged, savvy consumers tend to pay more attention to the convenience of application. Therefore, a lot of 'multimedia' projectors, or 'USB' projectors, have appeared this year. Their feature is that they support multimedia file playback, and are equipped with a standard USB interface, which can directly read documents, pictures and video files in the USB flash drive. . Although multimedia playback is not a new technology, and similar products came out last year, it did not have practical value until this year. Among them, the representative models of the Samsung SP-M255 and SP-L305 series projectors have complete multimedia functions. In addition to supporting JPEG pictures and AVI video files, they are also compatible with PPT, EXECL, WORD, and PDF files, allowing the projector to be truly separated from the computer. . At present, there are some projectors that advertise multimedia and USB playback functions in the market, but the compatibility of file formats is quite different. For business presentation applications, the ability to perfectly support OFFICE documents is particularly important. Therefore, when purchasing such products, you can carry the USB flash drive containing the presentation documents with you, and simply try the projector before purchasing. Zero distance communication! Interactive technology leads the new trend. In the first half of this year, 3LCD and DLP technologies respectively provided interactive projection solutions for projection manufacturers. The design principle is to send a special code through the projector itself, and the user can use a wireless interactive pen to project images. Take notes on the Internet, but before you want to realize the interactive function, you must buy an expensive electronic whiteboard. In terms of application, the interactive function is more suitable for teaching and business presentation applications, which can greatly improve the fun of teaching and the efficiency of communication. Therefore, the product positioning of the interactive projector is mainly in the business and education market, plus the popular short focus and 3D Technology, business and education projectors now have very rich functions, and major changes have taken place in the application of award-winning projectors. Zero distance projection! Reflective technology is expected to become popular. As the short-throw projection market has begun to take shape, reflective short-throw technology with extremely short projection distances has also begun to emerge. This technology uses the optical path in the reflector to shorten the projection distance. It only needs one to project a 100-inch screen. The width of the body, so the projector can be placed very close to the screen, allowing many small spaces to easily get a large screen. As the reflective ultra-short throw technology enters the mature stage, the projectors using this technology will have a high degree of freedom of installation, front projection, wall projection, rear projection, and ground projection are almost omnipotent. If home projectors are also used Reflective short-focus design, then the projection distance will no longer be the main factor hindering the projector from entering the home or other applications.
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