From rookie to proficient in LED display project budget only six steps in place_Shenzhen led display

From rookie to proficient in LED display project budget only six steps in place_Shenzhen led display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-25
For some people, from the beginning of the LED display design to the final decision, there are some links in the middle of the LED display project budget. If there is a problem with this part of the budget, it will have a great impact on the subsequent work. Shenzhen LED display manufacturers teach you how to do it in six steps, from a rookie to a budget proficient in LED display engineering. Step 1: Calculate the engineering quantity of the led display screen-only by knowing the idea, you must first ask for the engineering list from the engineering party, or compile the engineering quantity list based on the site survey. If a project quantity list is provided in the project bidding documents, the project quantity must be checked before the bid price is calculated. If the bill of quantities is not provided in the bidding documents, all the quantities must be calculated according to the drawings. If the bidding documents stipulate the calculation method of the project, the calculation shall be carried out in accordance with the stipulated method. Only by calculating accurately and knowing well can we be prepared and ensure that there will be no mistakes. Step 2: Determine the unit price and calculate the combined price. In the bid quotation, after calculating the quantity of each sub-item, it is necessary to determine the unit price of each sub-item and fill in the quotation according to the format of the quantity table in the bidding documents. Fill in the unit price and the combined price in accordance with the sub-item project volume content and project name. When calculating the unit price, all the cost items that constitute the sub-item project should be included in it. The cost of labor, materials, and machinery should be calculated based on the labor, material, and machinery consumption of the sub-projects and their corresponding market prices. Generally speaking, the contracting company should establish its own standard price database and calculate the bid price of the project accordingly. When using the unit price database to make a bid quotation for a specific project, the selected unit price needs to be reviewed, evaluated and adjusted, which means that it conforms to the actual conditions of the bidding project and reflects the changes in market prices. In each stage of bidding price preparation, the bidding price is generally calculated in the form of a table. Step 3: Determine the cost of the subcontracted led display screen project from the subcontractor. The cost of the project subcontract is an important part of the bid price. Sometimes a considerable part of the bid price of the general contractor comes from the subcontracted project cost. Therefore, it is necessary to have a verified price to measure the price of the subcontractor when compiling the bid price, to be familiar with the scope of the subcontracted project, and to evaluate the ability of the subcontractor. Step 4: Calculate and repeatedly verify the profit Profit refers to the overdue profit of the contractor. The goal of determining the value of the profit is to consider not only the maximum profit, but also the certain competitiveness of the bid price. When bidding and quoting, the contractor shall determine the profit rate on the project based on market competition. Step 5: Repeatedly review and calculate the risk, and confirm that the risk fund is an unknown number to the contractor. If the predicted risk does not occur all, then the estimated risk fund may have a surplus. This part of the surplus and the profit are added together. Surplus, if the risk fund is underestimated, it will be subsidized by profit. When bidding, according to the scale of the led display screen project and the actual situation of the project location, experienced professionals should analyze the possible risk factors item by item to determine a more reasonable cost ratio. Step 6: Determine the price of the led display and adjust it in time. According to different led display quotation modes, the project bid quotation can be obtained after summing up all the costs, but the project bid quotation calculated in this way cannot be used as the bid price because of the calculation The prices that come out may be duplicates or missed calculations, and there may be deviations in the estimates of certain expenses. Therefore, some necessary adjustments must be made to the calculated project bid price. Adjust the price of led display screens should be based on the analysis of project profit and loss. Profit and loss forecasts should be carried out from various angles using a variety of methods to find out the problems in the calculation, and take measures to reduce costs and increase profits, so as to determine the final led display Screen quotation.
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