Full-color LED display brings better stage beauty effect to the stage_stage full-color LED display|L

Full-color LED display brings better stage beauty effect to the stage_stage full-color LED display|LED transparent screen|LED floor tile screen

by:XY Screens     2021-09-24
Time is always fleeting, 2017 has passed, and 2018 has entered the second quarter. The annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala is an indispensable dish for the Chinese New Year’s Eve. It must be the focus of attention of the people of the whole country. Although the annual Spring Festival Gala program will receive various complaints from netizens, the digital stage effect of the annual Spring Festival Gala , It must shock everyone, and the LED display is undoubtedly one of the biggest heroes. Not only the Spring Festival Gala stage, but also the entire digital stage design field, LED displays play a vital role and bring pioneering innovations. The emergence of LED displays brings new elements to digital stage design. In the past, the stage design was carried out in the form of a small theater, with only simple decorations to create the stage. LED technology was very rare. After 1993, the stage layout of the Spring Festival Gala gradually added LED technology, which opened the LED display to the field of Chinese digital stage beauty. Door. Until 2017, the Spring Festival Gala stage shared 173 liftable LED screens, including 123 on the ground and 41 on the sky. In recent years, with the rise of the entertainment economy, performance activities have gradually increased, and the market has become more diversified. From the original focus on the scale of performances, it began to focus on the quality of live performances. The requirements for stage presentation effects have become higher and higher. LED displays Began to become the 'new favorite' of major performance stage design, and it has been widely used. The traditional LED display is a sealed box design, and the shape is not easy to innovate. Although it can be used simply in stage design, it limits the designer's imagination to a large extent and cannot achieve the best visual expression. In order to meet the diversified needs of users for stage effects, LED screen companies have increased their technical investment in the LED subdivision field, and developed more new diversified products adapted to the stage market. For example, Faye Wong’s “Illusory Music One” concert, creating a kind of spatial artistic effect of LED transparent screen; Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year's Eve party, let the audience feel like an immersive combination of a variety of high-tech LED floor tiles; Jay Chou 'The strongest on the surface' concert cost record-breaking, the unique three-dimensional sense and sense of science and technology to the best of the LED special-shaped screen. These new LED displays with a sense of design and technology combine virtual space and reality to present a realistic and three-dimensional ideal world. The images created are delicate and lifelike, more impactful than the actual scenery. Outside of the performance, the audience gets more sensory experience, which in turn affects the changes in the audience's heart and makes the audience feel immersive. With the development of stage full-color LED display technology, the application of LED displays in the field of digital stage beauty has become more diversified, and the continuous innovation of LED displays brings more diversified and innovative choices to digital stage beauty design. Nowadays, LED displays no longer sing 'one-man shows' in the field of digital stage art. For the creativity of stage effects, many performances have begun to combine LED displays with more new technologies, such as the 2017 League of Legends global finals. The combination of the LED display and AR technology in the opening show made the ancient dragon soar over the bird’s nest; at the 2017 Double Eleven party, the LED background display plus the projection and the large-area stage projection wall combined forces to form a 3D video space, which has a great impact The visual effect of force. The interaction of LED display screens with AR, VR, 3D, projection and other technologies has emerged in the field of digital stage art, and the stage effect brought by it is even more shocking and amazing. This also indicates that with the continuous emergence of innovative technologies, the integration of LED displays and more new technologies is moving forward in great strides. This will also become a new development trend of LED displays in the field of digital stage and bring more excitement. Show.
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