Full-color LED display is rich in content, bringing more possibilities to the market_Full-color LED

Full-color LED display is rich in content, bringing more possibilities to the market_Full-color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-23
Full-color LED display is a new advertising medium that has risen strongly in recent years. It is very representative as an advertising media in modern times. So do you know why it is representative? The purpose of the full-color LED display is mainly shown in the following aspects: 1, the large screen area of u200bu200bthe full-color LED large screen. The area of u200bu200boutdoor led electronic display screen is tens or even hundreds of square meters, which is many times larger than the electronic advertising of traditional media. What traditional media needs to face is that as a new era media, it has bright colors, vivid pictures, and high-definition picture quality. , Diversified playback modes, wider visual range, led electronic display screen with stronger publicity effect. 2. The high-brightness full-color LED display LED electronic display is currently the most colorful, ultra-high-definition, dynamic display, surpassing the previous single-color and two-color display. It makes the picture almost perfect. 3. In addition to the most colorful, the most important point of the diversified full-color LED display playback mode LED advertising display is that it supports multiple modes of dynamic, video, and static. Customers can choose different playback modes according to different needs. , In order to achieve a perfect fit and show the best publicity effect. 4. First-rate advertising effect. The best role of full-color LED display is to be used as an advertising screen. Compared with traditional media advertising, using LED electronic display for publicity, the effect is half the efficiency of traditional media. . Mainly because the LED electronic display screen is aimed at the characteristics of the rapid flow of the masses, and its specialties combine the advantages of multiple advertising media such as outdoor advertising, TV advertising, and title advertising, so as to quickly lock in the mobile audience and ensure the reach rate of advertisements. the goal of. 5. The full-color LED display screen has rich content to play. The full-color LED display screen can play text, graphics, animation, video, live broadcast, programs and so on. Companies used to promote products and brands, activities, there is more space. 6. Remote control of full-color led display The full-color led display can be controlled remotely, and the content displayed on the led electronic screen can be replaced by ultra-long distance using network data transmission technology, and the operation is simpler and more convenient. As we all know, as a new generation of propaganda media, full-color led display screens play an important role, and their effects are not only displayed as advertising screens. The times are advancing, and full-color led display screens are also moving in a more perfect direction.
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