Full-color LED display manufacturer-Huaze Optoelectronics increases investment in landscape display

Full-color LED display manufacturer-Huaze Optoelectronics increases investment in landscape display market products

by:XY Screens     2021-09-24
In recent years, while firmly occupying the outdoor display, we have used the small-pitch LED display to enter the commercial display market, and also used the transparent screen to open up the outdoor curtain wall market. The development of these markets has enabled some companies to taste the sweetness and make the industry The pioneering enthusiasm for the new application market is unprecedentedly high! At present, the industry is focusing on the landscape display. Previous night landscapes were dominated by lighting companies. According to estimates, the total landscape lighting market in my country will reach more than 300 billion in the past three years, which is larger than the entire LED display industry every year.  As for the landscape display until now, there is no complete news item in Baidu, and even Baidu Baike does not have a concept. It can be seen that the development of landscape display has indeed not been paid attention to by more people in the industry. Although the volume of the LED lighting industry is originally much larger than that of LED displays, how can people in the LED display industry easily let go of such a large market? At present, the tourism industry is vigorously developing the 'night travel economyIt has become a project to be actively constructed in tourist attractions. The night landscape is nothing more than lighting, light, and electricity. As the advanced form of these elements, the landscape display (or LED display) has a very low status in the night tour mode. It’s not that the landscape display has no application in the night tour mode, because long ago, the LED landscape display played an indispensable role in the night tour mode! Long ago, the impression series of large-scale real landscape performances directed by Zhang Yimou In China, LED display plays an indispensable role. But people still don’t have a concept of landscape display in people’s impressions. On the contrary, landscape lighting, which is a lower-level form of light, light, and electricity, has made great progress in the night tour mode! With recent years With the advancement of various technologies, LED displays play a very important role in urban lighting projects, and have been widely used in display projects, sky curtains, wall lighting and other scenes. During the G20 Hangzhou Summit, in order to enhance the appearance of the city, Hangzhou carried out a large-area landscape lighting project. Among them, a large-area LED light bar screen was used to decorate the buildings and the effect was very shocking. Since then, this large-area LED advertising curtain walls have begun to be widely used in lighting projects. They can not only present high-quality display effects, but also bring a very impactful visual experience to the people on the spot. Its existence also brings modern beauty to the building and plays a role in the city. Brightening effect. In addition, LED creative screens such as stone screens, rotating screens, spherical screens, curved flexible LED displays, etc. have been favored by urban lighting. Landscape display has become a new blue ocean development. The impact of landscape display on the LED display line. The development of landscape display has undoubtedly expanded the application direction of LED display and increased the volume of the entire industry. At present, the LED display industry is only a tens of billions of industry. According to the development of the tourism industry, especially the acceleration of the 'night tour mode' process, it is definitely helpful to help the LED display industry hit the 100 billion industry. Entering the landscape display market means that LED screen companies will break away from the original era of focusing on selling products and selling solutions. In the past, selling products and solutions focused on the value of the product itself. The technology or product used in the landscape display has not changed much from ours. What we sell is creativity, culture, and expressiveness. This is our most essential change, so the landscape display is the new blue ocean of LED. However, landscape display is definitely not something that all companies can play. Landscape display projects are generally very large. It is not possible for small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in a project similar to the impression series. At present, only the six largest listed companies in the industry and a few powerful companies can participate in such large projects, but this does not mean that small and medium-sized enterprises cannot benefit from it. At present, when we have just entered the landscape display market and develop the landscape display into the new blue ocean of LED display, we must plan the industry system, formulate industry standards, and regulate industry operations. Only in this way, the LED display will be more and more stable on the road of landscape display, and the development will be better and better, and it will be able to make the LED display bigger and stronger in the opportunity of the vigorous development of the 'night travel economy'. The hottest AR/VR and sensor technology can also be combined with LED displays to form landscape display projects. Many glass plank roads are installed with LED fragmentation special effect displays. People walking on them will show images of glass bursts and broken glass. The cracking sound increases the entertainment while also making people feel exciting and novel! And the birth of the ice screen will also add a lot of color to the LED display on the landscape display! Shenzhen Huaze Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has completed many landscape displays. In this case, products such as glass plank road special effects screens, LED interactive induction floor tile screens and glass curtain wall LED displays have all matured. In the later stage, the Ru0026D productivity will be increased in landscape display to provide users with better services.
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