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Full color led display purchasing list_led display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-22
Many of our customers ask about the full-color led display list, for example: how many accessories are needed to make a full-color led display, or what are the components or peripherals. Today we will talk about it in detail. Talk about what configuration is needed to make a full-color led display, or a list of full-color led display. In fact, in the previous article, we also talked about the configurations of full-color LED displays. The list of full-color LED displays is as follows: 1. Full-color LED display screen: LED display screen includes modules, wicks, and circuit boards. , Ic driver, power box, etc. This is a list of screens for a type of full-color LED display. 2. Control system list: The control system includes, receiving card, and sending card. Generally speaking, the larger the area of u200bu200bthe full-color LED display and the higher the pixel density, the more receiving cards will be used. This is also a category in the full-color LED display quotation list. 3. Peripherals: The peripheral configuration of full-color led display includes: computers, power distribution cabinets, audio, air conditioners, etc. This is a category, but such customers can configure by themselves or by the manufacturer, but it is recommended to be unified by the led Display manufacturers provide professional full-color LED display peripherals. In this way, both performance and operation can be guaranteed. 4. Installation checklist: There are two main types of installation of full-color LED display: steel frame structure and labor costs. The steel frame structure is generally used outdoors, and the wall hanging is generally used indoors. Installation of steel structure includes screen body edging, LED display manufacturers provide free steel structure design drawings, etc. Manually, the customer usually finds local manufacturers and installers, and the led display manufacturer provides engineers and technical instructors to guide the installation and use. 5. Extra cost: This refers to the cost of parts configuration and transportation and the instruction cost of technical engineers. Transportation cost: leaving the factory to the destination. Technical engineer fee: The installation and training operations are free of charge. Customers only need to provide the technical engineer's board and lodging expenses and round-trip travel expenses. In addition, no other additional expenses are required. 6, led video processor: the role is to convert the signal into video. The above is the detailed information of the full-color led display list. If you need a more specific understanding of the full-color led display list, please consult our company telephone: 0755-3353 0892
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