Functions and features of led display system_led display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics-XY Scree

Functions and features of led display system_led display manufacturer Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-03
1. LED display screen system function 1. The LED display screen can be connected to a scanner, and scan and input various pictures and patterns (including handwritten fonts). 2. The led display screen can input video signals (TV, video, laser video disk), real-time display of dynamic TV pictures, and other charts and animations can be displayed at the same time. 3. The LED display screen can input computer signals and display the contents of the computer monitor in real time, such as various tables, curves, pictures (stock quotations, stock analysis, deposit rates, foreign exchange rates), etc. processed by the computer, and it can also display Beijing time, Weather forecast, various news, current affairs, display mode, stay time can be controlled; 4. LED display animation display modes are various, such as up and down, left and right, middle expansion, movable shutters, marquee effects, etc. 5. The display time of each screen of the led display can be controlled and can be switched automatically. 6. The led display screen can be displayed in a window, that is, a part of the computer monitor pattern is correspondingly displayed. 7. The pixels of the LED display screen correspond to the computer monitor point by point, forming a mapping relationship, and the mapping position is convenient and adjustable. 8. The holiday arranged on the led display screen can be changed at any time, including the content of the holiday, the sequence of playback, the length of the playback time, etc. The changed holiday can be displayed in time. 9. The led display screen can use the control computer as a workstation on the network to read real-time data from the designated server and display it on the led display screen. 2. Features of led display screen system 1. Modular design, compact structure, convenient installation and maintenance. 2. The LED display screen is implemented by hardware, no software driver is required, high-speed, reliable, and direct, avoiding multi-layer loading of software. 3. The LED display has high brightness, stable effect, clear and flicker-free. 4. All graphics that can be displayed on the computer monitor can be displayed on the led display screen, with strong software compatibility 5. The led display screen adopts non-linear chromatic aberration correction technology, which has good display effect, high resolution and clear graphics and text , The animation effect is smooth and there is no mosaic phenomenon. 6. The LED display light-emitting diode has an oval structure with a large viewing angle, good luminous effect and high luminous efficiency.
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