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by:XY Screens     2020-03-03
Every year, 01/76 cool gadgets are \"funded\" by the public, and thousands of aspiring people ask for crowdfunding --
Money from people who are willing to support a new idea.
Kickstarter is the place where hundreds of new products get initial funding for launch.
ET focused on some of the most successful Kickstarter events from the tech community.
Hitesh Raj Bhagat02/7Ouya63, target of 416 supporters: $950,000 commitment amount: $8,596,474 (904% funded)
Status: Available for sale in ouya now.
The TV has consoles, personal computers, and then handheld devices.
Ouya borrowed a bit from all of them and created something completely unique for the players.
It is powered by Android, has the courage to hold the device and uses a wireless game controller.
It can connect a TV or projector for a big screen gaming experience.
The idea behind them is to make the game more affordable (
Given the high price of new games).
Games are cheaper to make and cheaper to buy.
Many are completely free.
since it was built on Android, there are already thousands of games out there and developers know how to make new ones.
In essence, it is an open gaming and entertainment sector that can change several related industries.
03/7 sea level docks at the iPhone 12 with a target of 521 supporters: $75,000 promised amount: 1,464706 (1,952% funded)
Status: Available for sale now in elevationlab.
Com with global shipping grinded from solid aluminum blocks, the Elevation Dock eliminates all doubts about the traditional iPhone/iPod dock.
It works with or without the shell and dock, without having to align the connector.
When you want to connect your iPhone to other AV devices, you can use it as a bedside charging dock, on your desk.
Since the dock itself is heavy, the iPhone is separated from it once you pick it up.
The original version uses Apple\'s 30-
Pin connectors, but for devices that use Lightning connectors, there is an updated version. 04/7Narrative (
Original Memoto)
2,871 background purpose: $50,000 pledges: $550,189 (1,100% funded)
Status: available now for pre-
In order to be in getnarrative.
Com, free shipping worldwide.
what decision makers call a \"journey to life\" camera --
It\'s tiny, wind and rain.
You can clip it to the proof of your clothes, the unobtrusive autonomous camera, and the GPS module.
It requires two geo-tagged photos per minute and stores them in memory.
The idea is that you have a complete \"record\" of your life and you can revisit or share it with others at any time.
The built-in battery lasts for two days, charging and transferring photos by connecting to the computer.
When you connect to your computer, each photo is uploaded to their secure, unlimited cloud storage for $9 a month.
Paired with the mobile app, your life moments can be easily searched and accessed from anywhere.
05/7 folding USB solar cell 1755 supporter target: $5000 promised amount: 193,230 (3,864% funded)
Status: Available for sale now at browdogsolar.
Global shipping company.
If you live in sunny areas, these small, efficient solar cells from brown dog solar can help you power many gadgets without relying on the grid.
The cells are tough, foldable and flexible.
Backpackers or cyclists can put them in their bags or you can hang them on the windows of your home.
There is no battery for the solar cells and there is only one USB port to charge your gadget directly.
However, you can combine them with a battery pack --
Then use the battery pack to charge your device.
06/73 Doodler26, 457 supporter target: $30,000 commitment amount: 2,344,134 (7,813% funded)
Status: available now for pre-
Order at 3 doodler.
Global shipping company (ships Feb 2014).
3D printing is a huge craze among engineers and geeks who like the idea of creating physical objects from digital 3D models on a computer.
It has a huge use in prototyping, but 3 Doodler wants to make 3D printing fun with this hand
Hand-Held 3D print pen.
This concept is unique.
Use a thin plastic stick (
Different colors)
As the source material melted in the pen.
The plastic quickly hardened and permanently presented the shape of your painting.
07/7 Pebble smartwatch 68,929 supporter target: $100,000 promised amount: 10,266,845 (10,266% funded)
Status: can now be sold at getpebble.
Global shipping company.
Pebble is by far the most popular smartwatch and is considered to have created this trend, it is a smartwatch using electronic devices
Ink display instead of LCD.
Of course, it has the advantage of extending the battery life because you can\'t put a big battery on your wristworn device.
It also doesn\'t have a touch screen and relies on three buttons to get things done.
It communicates with your phone via Bluetooth and enables various functions by using a custom app.
Yes, it also tells TIME by either of the many watch surfaces you can customize.
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