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Getting better Home theater development has entered a new stage

by:XY Screens     2021-08-28
For ordinary consumers, home theater has always been an unattainable product. Even if they know that home theater consumers are more likely to just stay on packaged home theater products such as Philips. In fact, for a hobbyist who is just getting started, the packaged home theater can no longer satisfy his audiovisual enjoyment. In fact, when it comes to home theater, many people first think of villas, luxury houses, and large houses. They think that they are exclusive to rich people or professional enthusiasts, which is simply a luxury for ordinary people. In fact, since the release of the 3D movie 'Avatar' last year, it has not only ignited the development of 3D TV, but also promoted the development of TV home theater. This year's CIT exhibition has brought the knowledge of home theater to the general consumer group. Among them, many customers have ordered home theaters on site. Home theater development enters a new stage From this CIT exhibition, we can see that it is not that current consumers cannot afford home theater, but that they lack a certain understanding of home theater. In this regard, the editor believes that the knowledge of home theater can be popularized from the following steps. Only when consumers know what a home theater is, will they promote the final purchase. The first step in the promotion of home theater is the big environment. To popularize home theater, it needs richer film sources and higher-speed Internet. It is believed that with the gradual popularization of 3G networks and greatly increased bandwidth speeds, people can download high-definition video sources through the Internet, and home theaters will also go farther and farther by taking the popular express train of 3G networks. The second is the channel. From the perspective of sales, the current home theater operators are relatively rare, and most of them are based on engineering installations and obtain high profits from them. This limits the popularization and development of home theaters. The third is media promotion. Media promotion is also indispensable to an industry. Now, many professional home theater industry media have begun to pay attention to and hype, and the whole has entered the pre-media promotion stage. Finally, we cannot ignore the industrial development environment: home theater products have the characteristics of household appliances and consumer electronics products, and the development prospects of the industry in the next few years will be directly affected by the development environment of the entire industry. In the next few years, the Chinese home theater competition market will present the following characteristics: 1. Brand competition. As strong home appliance companies enter the home theater market, these companies will use their original brand awareness in the home appliance industry to vigorously promote. The brand awareness and concentration of the home theater industry will greatly increase. A large number of weak companies will find it difficult to compete with them and eliminate mergers. Has become an inevitable trend. 2. Product disputes. With the official launch of the re-assessment and authorization of the 'A-mark' of home theater and audio products by the China Electronics and Audio Association in 2002, my country's home theater market has been gradually purified and standardized. In addition, in the survey, we found that due to the different characteristics of the regional markets, the expected purchase rate of home theaters varies greatly among consumer groups at the level of each region, administrative region, and city. Those who are small in scale and lack technology Small businesses that are unable to accurately observe the changes in the national consumer market will gradually withdraw from the development and financial support capabilities. 3. Price disputes. With the continuous maturity of home theater system technology, the continuous expansion of product production scale will inevitably drive the decline of product prices. We can learn from the home appliance market, and the price strategy will surely be one of the important means for home theater companies to occupy the market in the future. 4. Controversy over marketing channels. The expansion of any product market is always based on channel expansion. However, the packaged home theater system product is a kind of enjoyment, and the simple channel expansion cannot bring about a positive proportional increase in sales. The survey results show that there are obvious differences in the focus of China’s packaged home theater market: channels in the primary city market should be built on a broader level to ensure that consumers can purchase in convenient places, while the secondary city market Channels shoulder the dual tasks of selling and improving consumer awareness, and need to carry out medium and long-term channel construction for the main channels.
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