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Give love, we are always on the road!

by:XY Screens     2021-08-26
Weekends always go so fast, two days passed after the eyes were closed and opened! The weather in these two days is really good, I don’t have to say, I think everyone’s holiday must have been very enjoyable! Mountain climbing, fishing, seaside, playground... all kinds of hipi! Rango, a very meaningful thing is going on in a small corner of Shenzhen (King Guanghua Plaza). The 8th Shenzhen Lions Club [Red Action] approached the King Guanghua Plaza, this kind of dedication and contribution to society. How can we be missing? Our soldiers are walking towards this caring battlefield one after another (the hero in the blood donation is filling in the form) (the hero in orange clothes seems to be a little boring to wait, don’t want to wait for a moment to show love, the people all over the country need me ) (During blood donation....... Give love, we are fearless!) (This thank you certificate is the greatest encouragement to the heroes, it is extremely precious......) (After the heroes donate blood A group photo of a caring employee makes a company, and a caring company can manufacture products that serve the society.) According to the statistics of the Shenzhen Blood Center, the total blood donation of the Red Action accounts for the annual total of the blood bank of the Shenzhen Blood Center. 10%, out of every 100 bags of blood, 10 bags come from Operation Red. The Red Action has become a key force in Shenzhen's blood protection. The Love Action has not only eased the tension of clinical blood use in Shenzhen, but also created a new model for the cause of unpaid blood donation. Here, we also call on more caring people to join the [Red Action] to give love to the society. There is a good song: As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world.
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