Golden metal screen makes projection more exciting Engineering projection screen application skills

[Golden metal screen makes projection more exciting] Engineering projection screen application skills

by:XY Screens     2021-11-04
Following the pace of the development of projectors, projection screens have also changed rapidly recently, mainly reflected in the application of new materials for projection screens. The new material screen can greatly improve the image effect of the projector. If it is matched with the screen properly, it can have an unexpected effect. For example: a projector with a cost of 30,000 yuan and a projection screen with good quality and strong gain (prices between RMB 2,000-3,000) can be used with a projector with a cost of 50,000 yuan. The projection screen effect of ordinary projection screens with low gain (prices of RMB 300-500) is comparable. Projection screens come in various forms, such as desktop type, wall-mounted type, bracket type, and so on. Recently, a metal screen with polymer metal composite material as the main material has appeared on the market. It can be used normally under strong outdoor light, and truly realize outdoor projection. The projection effect is refreshing. Projection screens are the most commonly used products among projector peripherals.
Three characteristics of    Jinping brand metal screen:
  1. Improve brightness: brightness, gray level, and color saturation are the three elements that affect people's judgment of color image quality, and the most important of the three elements is brightness. If the brightness is not enough, the beautiful colors cannot be reflected. When the glass bead screen reflects light, there will always be a white foggy background, the image is blurred, and the use effect is always foggy. The image of the metal screen has high brightness and no foggy background, so it is appropriate to describe it as 'beautiful'. The shining reflection of the glass bead soft screen is a strong irritation to human eyes, and long-term viewing can cause damage to eyesight. The metal screen has no crystal reflection, which provides excellent protection for the eyesight of the viewer. There is no need to turn off the lights and draw the curtains during meetings or lectures, and save the time to take notes after turning on the lights. It can be said to be the secret weapon to end the dark meeting.
   2. Improve the grade: Most companies and schools abroad use metal screens. The beautiful appearance and high-quality effects make those companies and schools more upscale. But in China, the price of imported metal screens is too high. So many companies and schools have stopped. However, using metal screens is no longer a dream, because now we have our own metal screens. And it has reached the world's advanced level, but the price is much lower than that of imported metal screens.
   3. Save money: In general projection classrooms or conference rooms, you must see the image of the 100-inch glass bead soft screen under the premise of turning on the lights or opening the curtains. At least a projector with 2500-3000 lumens brightness is required. Under the same conditions , Change the ball type or column type metal screen, the projector only needs 1200-1500 lumens, it is necessary to know that the difference between the two projectors is 20,000 to 20,000. Therefore, the use of metal screens will greatly reduce the cost of the projection system. When most users buy a projection system, they are often hesitant to face high investment, spending less money and failing to achieve the desired effect. But a system with a metal screen can solve this problem.
   And the metal screen can also save the maintenance investment of the projector. Assuming a 2200 lumens projector, the lamp life is 3000 hours. When using a normal screen, it is necessary to achieve a high-brightness effect. Our only way is to increase the brightness of the projector bulb, and this greatly reduces the life of the bulb. If you use a metal screen, you can reduce the brightness of the bulb. Thereby extending the service life of the bulb. This will save a little bit of money. Not only requires high brightness, but also needs to be in line with international standards and save money. A projection system using a metal screen is a good choice!
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