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Good start! Golden Rat sends blessings, everything goes well!

by:XY Screens     2021-09-10
Good start! Golden Rat sends blessings, everything goes well! Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. started construction on February 17, 2020. I wish you all a good start! In the new year, we experienced the longest Spring Festival holiday and faced a historic disaster. The course of progress is a history of suffering. I believe we will soon usher in a happy spring. In 2020, we will still be full of passion. What has changed is our more and more energetic, and what has changed is our persistent dream. A life of struggle is a life of happiness!    In the past 2019, with the trust, support and help of new and old customers and partners, the screen has made new progress and development. Here, people express gratitude to you! In 2020, let us continue to work together, develop together, learn together, and make progress together!    In the new year, the screen will also continue, go all out, forge ahead, and never forget The original intention! I wish the wealth to come, I wish the family members success in their work and success in all things! Coming together to fight the epidemic! Come on Wuhan! Come on China! 2020 is a special year that we will never forget. The new type of coronavirus pneumonia is raging across the country and affects everyone's hearts. Everyone who is struggling to defeat the new type of coronavirus is a hero! Salute to the medical staff who stand on the front line of the fight against the epidemic!    This incident requires everyone to unite. , Rational and self-discipline to complete a task that can only succeed but not fail, work together to prevent the epidemic, and achieve a comprehensive victory in the fight against the epidemic! Let us do it together: 1. On the way to work: Always wear a mask and take less bus and subway 2. , Workplace: Wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, disinfect frequently, have fewer meetings, and focus less. 3. Dining: Wash your hands frequently, do not eat together, and do not chat face to face. 4. Travel on official business: wear masks, wash hands frequently, and keep in touch One meter away and five, go home: wash your hands first, disinfect your key phone, don’t throw your masks around, and be with you and me in peace! Come on Wuhan, health care workers all over the country, people all over the country, let’s do it together!
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