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great deal! these are our three favorite amazon tech bargains today

by:XY Screens     2020-02-21
Amazon gold box deals on the day of Marcel De Grijs/123 rftuesday include portable mini hd led video projectors, stylish and stylish portable chargers and unprecedented
The popular ring sticker Cam.
Enjoy savings of up to $122 and discounts of up to 61%.
Read on and discover the best Amazon technology deals of the day.
Would you like to bring your next movie or work demo to the big screen?
If that\'s the case, you want to invest in a high
This Acko portable mini hd led video projector is currently priced at 61% on Amazon.
The projector is high.
Produce 1200 lumens of electric LED lights, 20% more than other projectors of the same kind.
The projector has a large screen size range and is equipped with a remote control.
The projector is only 8-by-6-by-
The size of 3 inch is small enough for both travel and business trips to take with you.
This Acko projector features 3-piece multi-
Coated optical glass lenses with excellent focal length and color reproduction, and better transparency and temperature resistance.
It\'s also built-
No matter where you go, stereo can give you a complete home theater system.
You can easily connect to a variety of devices, including mobile phones, ipad and other tablets, laptops, desktop computers, game consoles, digital cameras, etc.
The regular retail price of the Acko portable mini hd led video projector is $200, but Amazon is currently only discounted to $78, saving you $122 (61 percent).
Buy it from here now: AmazonIt doesn\'t often think that portable chargers are stylish and powerful, but that\'s the case with Spigen Essential 10 D portable chargers, which Amazon currently sells for only $20.
This portable charger is made of aluminum in one structure and is designed to be durable and stylish, with enough power to charge up to two devices at the same time.
It can use the 1A and 2 of the iPhone 6 s to charge the iPhone 6 s four times, or twice to the Galaxy Note 5. 1A USB outputs.
It has an external battery capacity of 10000 and an organic chip that prevents overcharging and overheating.
The charger is equipped with abuilt-
In torchlight, it provides additional features and convenience, as well
A backlight screen indicating the state of the battery.
The Essential pigen Essential 10 10 portable charger usually retails for $50, but currently Amazon\'s retail price is only $20 for $30 (60 percent)discount.
Buy it now from here: AmazonKeep uses an outdoor security camera that works with a smart doorbell to better monitor your home.
The ring allows you to see, hear and talk to anyone on your property from a smartphone, tablet or PC, currently discounted to $180 on Amazon.
This is the only wireless outdoor security camera with HD video and dual cameraway audio.
When the smart camera is built in, it will give you an instant reminder
Motion sensors detect activity in your home and allow you to communicate with visitors at any time of the day when viewing them via a smartphone, tablet or desktop thanks to the built-in-
Infrared night vision.
Combination of sports-
Activate alerts, HD videos and 2-
The way audio means you always know what\'s going on outside the front door.
Thanks to the included kit and installation guide, the camera can be easily installed on any surface.
It uses rechargeable batteries, solar panels (Sold separately), or USB cable.
It is also equipped with lifetime purchase protection, so it will be replaced free of charge if your Stick Up Cam is stolen.
The ring bar cam usually retails for $199, but Amazon is currently selling for $179 and $20 (10 percent)discount.
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