Guangzhou Ersha Island Hongcheng Garden Mr Lis private audio-visual system in the villa-XY Screens-i

Guangzhou Ersha Island Hongcheng Garden Mr. Li's private audio-visual system in the villa

by:XY Screens     2021-09-11
Hongcheng Garden is the last villa community on Ersha Island-Hongcheng Garden. The price of the villa is as high as 65 million.    This small island is surrounded by the Pearl River, and the island has a private space and a beautiful environment. People in Guangzhou are accustomed to using the words 'rich or expensive' to describe people living on this island. Mr. Li is a native of Hong Kong and invests in industries in Guangdong. Project introduction 1. Overall capital investment: 40W. The decoration part is 17W, and the equipment part is 23W. 2. The construction period is 2 and a half months. 3. The positioning of the film and television hall: a place for family rest and entertainment, with ideal effects. Comfortable and elegant. 4. Equipment part: Marston complete system, equipped with Epson projector, projection screen, Pioneer HD player, Oscar VOD system
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