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by:XY Screens     2021-09-27
Different people have different habits. This is an undeniable fact, and the formation of each individual's habits is related to many factors. This is another unassailable fact. I am a small person who works part-time. Many sources and habits of life are related to the environment, location and other factors. I have the habit of reading and writing, which I have cultivated since I was a child. The habits of reading and writing are different. When I’m reading, I’m used to reading the book backwards, because I think that the speed and effect of looking directly and backwards are the same. This is the same as looking at one's own hands. The palm of the hand and the back of the hand are both positive and negative issues. it's the same. The only reason I did this is because I found that it is not a student who is reading a book, or a scholar or a commoner, and the amount of reading backwards is related to the officialdom. Naturally, this villain wants to appreciate the taste of reading as an official. When I was writing, I used to turn over a book and put it in front of my eyes, and then finished the article without lifting my head and blinking. Finally, I read the book in front of me again. This is not a question of plagiarism or courage, and has nothing to do with the content. At this time, even if someone comes to chat, the book can be put down at any time and picked up and re-read at any time, and the article that is being written is put down at any time and picked up and re-written at any time, I am afraid it is a bit difficult. When watching TV, I am used to watching the animal world, but I don’t watch football matches. If I really want to watch football matches, I will only watch foreign ones and not domestic ones. This habit is cultivated by Chinese football, rather than my own bones, a little admiring foreigners and foreigners, cultivating other people's ambitions, and destroying my own prestige. . I would sigh habitually every time I see Chinese people watching a domestic football game attentively, but when the Wuhan Optics Valley team withdrew from the Super League, I stopped sighing because I think Chinese football is just like this. What's the point of sighing. To cover Chinese football in the dust in my heart, it is undoubtedly learned to keep in good health for myself, why not do it? I have a habit of not persuading me. This is not because of my bad character, but because my abilities are really limited. In fact, there are some frames that do not need to be persuaded, and some frames cannot be persuaded. Some people may not believe them, but the hard facts are beyond doubt. Whites and blacks in the United States quarreled for N years, but the end result was that Obama came to power to prove the correctness of my habits. It seems a bit biased on this point, but looking at the United States beating Afghanistan, flattening Iraq, opening up Syria, arbitrarily making irresponsible remarks about China’s human rights, arbitrarily interfering in China’s territorial integrity, and arbitrarily interfering in China’s territorial integrity during the financial turmoil. Say hello, how can you persuade a person with this face to talk to him? What can you tell a lively super hooligan? If you reason with these people and talk thinly, will they listen to you? I believe that people are smart and no one has a pig's brain. So when Liu Xiang left the stadium sadly at the Olympics, I abruptly swallowed the tears that were about to shed back in my stomach, because I knew it was not inevitable. Liu Xiang would not do this, but I habitually yearn for the yellow-skinned flying man to appear on the court again. Du Li's performance in the Beijing Olympics gave me no reason not to believe in Liu Xiang, and no reason not to believe in the Chinese spirit. Wenchuan shocked the world, and the Beijing Olympics shocked the world again. I am used to watching my motherland calmly in great joy and compassion, because I am always watching my motherland with my eyes and listening to the motherland with my heart. Heartbeat. During the long working journey, I habitually show my smiling face to everyone, and bury the loss and melancholy in my heart, because I know that the sun is bright, life is beautiful, and difficulties are temporary. In the long river of life, I have habitually told myself: live with generosity and wisdom, and deal with things with conscience and reason. Inspect yourself habitually, develop good habits, abandon bad habits, and make yourself a person respected by everyone. I always keep in mind the teachings in Li Yuxiu's 'Disciples Guidance' in the Qing Dynasty: persuade each other with goodness, and build up morality; if you go wrong, you will lose both ways. Where to take, the more expensive is known; the more appropriate to take, the less appropriate to take. Will add people, ask yourself first; if you don’t have one, speed up yourself. Repay the grievance, resentment, forget; grievance is short, grievance is long. The ancients can still do this, why can't we? Therefore, I still have a habit of being honest, with my tail between my hands all the time. .
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