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handheld, light: the future of projectors

by:XY Screens     2019-12-12
Whether it is desperate not to move or too small, it can\'t be seen by more than one person at a time, because of all its advantages, the screen has become the ball of modern life --and-chain.
However, a technology could free us from our desks, free us from squinting our phones, and change everything we do from computing, games to watching movies and TV
Due to the development of size, power and mobility, the projector has a new life cycle and it will walk out of the cinema (
Front office of hardware geek)
Every area of our lives.
It all comes down to a new collective of scientists and technology companies who are keen to herald a new era for the invention, which begins its life, to the shocked audience, the French factory workers showed the Paris Salon at the end of the 19 th century. Not many 124-year-
The old people are very lively.
At the forefront of this revolution is a small device called the pico projector (
Spanish, \"very small\" in Spanish \")
-A device small enough to be integrated into the camera and mobile phone to be able to show movies, pictures or presentations in the right size and quality.
Since its debut in 2006, the independent projectors have become smaller and brighter, and in the past year they have been at 200-
300 mark, the goal is to showcase the business professionals of their Powerpoint projects with trendy gadgets.
Outside the office, the effort to revitalize the projector has the potential to influence the way we watch pictures and movies in many ways, and the most important of which is to make these activities more social.
Professor Martin Lister of the University of Western England, author of electronic imaging age photography, saw the recent development of the Nikon Sp1000j, a 12-pixel digital camera
The built-in pico projector can be traced back to the time when viewing photos is a social event.
\"\'Slide Night\' is an important cultural event in their seventies and they encourage people to come together,\" he said . \".
\"This new projection technology has the same potential to encourage social rituals around sharing photos.
But it\'s not a step back: it\'s technically important, as it\'s so mobile now.
Online pictures though-
Sharing has monopolized photos.
In the past few years, it\'s easy to see how the projector replaces the pseudo
Social experience of photos
View on the website. If projector-
Enabled devices will become as ubiquitous as mobile cameras, and now the vast majority of people\'s photos are taken on mobile cameras, the possibility of photos --
Sharing will increase.
Still, it will take a year for the first pico projector
Moving the prototype version of the phone from the last January display at Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show to the market is not a product for the technology, and for many, the light has gone out.
\"The Pico manufacturer did not answer\" why do I need one ? \" The problem.
Kieran Alger, online editor of technology magazine t3, said: \"Enough . \".
Prices are ridiculously high (
Logic Bolt of one of the world\'s first projectors
In the United States, the mobile phone that has been enabled costs $475, although its release is very limited)
It\'s easy to see his point.
\"The concept of being able to pull out a pico and project a video clip of your favorite movie is attractive to gadget lovers, however, when you compare this experience to watching the same clips on an iPhone or Sony X --
\"Picman series, picos are not competitive,\" he added . \".
\"Okay, so more than one person can enjoy the projection, but the quality of video playback is better on devices that consumers are more familiar.
\"This attention is micro
As Samsung\'s Dominic Weber has demonstrated, the appeal of projectors is also key to the manufacturer\'s decision not to provide the equipment they have developed for the UK international market.
Although Samsung recently released its first phone in South Korea with a built-in pico projector called \"Anycall Show\", it is waiting for greater interest until similar products are sold in Western countries.
\"If consumers have a demand for micro projector technology and can deliver it in a cost-effective way, we may see handheld devices coming into the UK market,\" he said.
For now, though, the market is relatively contradictory, as he says, \"consumer demand ultimately drives the society\'s successful adoption of technology.
Since each market is different, the introduction of microprojection technology into other regions may depend on various factors affecting each market.
\"So, as technology commentators and electronics enthusiasts are much more excited about the technology than the general public
The projector is destined to be unknown with its novel value?
If we can come up with a better environment for their use, it\'s not.
President of Business Development and Cooperation
Founder of Cambridge Light Blue Optics
The company has moved beyond the pico projector into the next wave of projection technology.
His company is creating a new holographic laser projection that not only projects onto a flat surface, but also, crucially, integrates touch technology that uses infrared rays, this allows the user to interact directly with the immediate image.
By demonstrating how it will work, he describes a future in which the unit is embedded in the camera and in the phone, just as we now see only the traditional pico projectors.
\"People now have the iphone and everyone wants to be able to interact with the display.
Imagine standing on the table with your iPhone-because the projection angle is too wide, the image forms next to it, \"he claims,\" we think, this interactive touch feature will actually drive sales of accessories pico projectors.
According to Buckley, the pico projector failed to be the best --
The seller is that the manufacturer does not consider the actual opportunities for their products to be used in daily life.
\"They are marketed as devices you use to watch movies for about 90 minutes on the move,\" he said . \".
\"The problem is that if you look at its ergonomics, you hold it in your hand and shine on the wall or somewhere else.
\"In contrast, potential applications for mobile devices, users-
Friendly and produce touch
Sensitive predictions are enormous;
For example, you can edit your photos on the go, manipulate images with your hands, or you can use operating systems such as Windows 7, which are designed to contain touch screen interactions, can be used with touch interactive projector.
The prototype is already running the arcade classic Pacman version, and by touching the projections of the maze you can guide each player\'s favorite yellow dots.
These developments are part of the mobile projection vision that the developers of Light Blue Optics think we can start seeing in 2011, when the company expects to be able to scale the holographic projection technology down to 8 cm³-about half of the modern USB stick.
Although the company has not yet determined the exact date, its first launch is coming and plans to launch the first mobile camera with built-in touch
The sensitive projector is one step closer.
However, when it comes to the future of this technology, Professor Lister believes that we will build on what we have done in the past.
\"We will not only see the return of the slide show at home (
Because it\'s in its 70 s)
But we will see the slides appear in the bar, in the family party, in the wedding, in the baptism and even in the nightclub \"he muses.
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