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High-definition display is a done deal, 4K becomes a new flag for projection

by:XY Screens     2021-08-12
With the rapid development of the domestic projector market, the home projector market has also risen, especially in the past two years, manufacturers have continued to exert their efforts, driven by 3D technology, the home projector market has shown a hot scene . This year, driven by 3D+1080P home projectors, it has greatly promoted the rapid development of home projectors. The rapid development of China’s economy has significantly increased the purchasing power of the market. Users’ demand for high-quality home theater audio and video entertainment has also become increasingly prominent. More and more consumers have begun to focus on home projectors. In the mid-range market, the market potential is still huge. Faced with such a huge domestic home market, following the launch of high-end 3D+1080P home projectors this year, affordable full HD 3D home projectors will follow, such as Acer, Optoma, Epson, JVC, etc. Mid-range home projectors have been introduced one after another, which caters well to the needs of consumers. This has also greatly promoted the development of the full HD 3D home projector market. Among them, Acer's first home projector H9500BD with triple 3D function in the world has become a hot spot for home projectors this year. The machine supports DLP 3D, nViDIA 3D, Blu-ray 3D, the biggest feature is that it provides extremely convenient compatibility features, which can give consumers a wider range of choices, which indirectly introduced the fast speed of full HD 3D home projectors. universal.   Thanks to the addition of the triple 3D function, it has solved the problems encountered due to the lack of 3D film sources on the market and the high price. Even if you buy ordinary 2D film sources, you can also get 3D stereoscopic effects, which solves the high cost problem of purchasing 3D film sources for users, and truly meets the needs of watching 3D blockbusters anytime, anywhere.   Compared with the 3D projectors that are currently on the market, there are very few projectors that can really achieve convenient viewing of 3D effects. Since most 3D projectors are not compatible with 3D players on the market, users need auxiliary equipment to view 3D images when using them. This is the current situation where it is difficult for users to obtain a 3D look and feel in reality. This also indirectly robbed the enthusiasm of consumers. With the continuous advancement of technology, I believe that more 3D projector products will be added to this function, so that when users watch 3D images, they only need to connect the playback device to project shocking 3D images without connecting Complicated routes, this will also be the inevitable development trend in the future, and have you followed it right?   In addition, the 4K technology that has just emerged this year, relatively speaking, is not yet mature in all aspects, and it is unlikely to be further expanded next year. In fact, to put it bluntly, this is just a selling point that manufacturers are urgently looking for in the reality of serious product homogeneity. This technology is mostly in its infancy abroad, not to mention domestically, movies with 4K technology are imported from abroad, and the source of the film is very scarce. For Chinese people, the current 4K technology is just a concept, and its practicality is too small.   With the competition in the projector industry becoming more and more fierce, and with the downward trend of projector prices year by year, profits are getting less and less. In order to seek more profits, manufacturers will inevitably need new selling points to obtain. As a forward-looking 4K technology, it is bound to become a new trend in the future, but it is still too early to spread quickly.
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