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high power led slide projector

by:XY Screens     2019-11-26
If you have old camera lenses, macro case and high power LED flashlights, you can use them to make a battery powered projector.
Since high-power LED lights are much more efficient than classic slide projectors, and camera lenses are usually brighter than their usual cheap projector accessories, this can be a very powerful combination.
I used Cree XM to do a 200 m projection.
400mm f/5. 6 lens.
The result will depend to a large extent on the flashlight of your choice.
The ideal flashlight will evenly illuminate the tight points with a diameter of 45mm (
Image area of a 35mm slide)
At very close distance, as bright as possible.
The indicator of a good flashlight is: The Chinese SomeFire X8 model is an example of an affordable companion flashlight (
For example, UltraFire X8).
Highlight the best with a very bright or very long lens (
But not zoom! ).
Here is a list of lenses that have been shown to be available, along with their estimated 2nd/3rd hand Market price: If you don\'t know what to choose, I would recommend choosing one of the following lenses. In order to place the 35mm film in the position of the camera or slide machine, you will cut the slit in the bellows.
To do this, simply extend the bellows in half and measure a distance of 44mm from the lens flange.
This should be in /-
The exact flange focal length of the lens is 3mm (
Can be adjusted with a bellows)
Now make two cuts on the left and right side of the bellows and insert the 35mm film.
Just be careful to center them horizontally, symmetrical, not too wide.
Insert the 35mm film with the bottom of the image-up.
You have to find some way to connect your flashlight.
I used the M42 extension tube and the gaffer tape and you might find another solution.
No matter what works :)Congrats!
You should have a projector that works.
If you would like to have it in a more solid form, check out the guerillabam 3d print projector. :)
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