High-resolution front projection multilayer soft edge fusion technology Technology introduction Beig

[High-resolution front projection multilayer soft edge fusion technology] Technology introduction Beiguang Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-11-04
The high-resolution front projection multi-layer soft-edge fusion technology is the latest application based on projection without soft-edge splicing in modern large-screen displays. In a general single projection display, high-resolution projectors can only reach a maximum of 2K (2048*). 1080) resolution, this resolution is far from meeting modern applications such as geographic map display, and traditional rear projection splicing has problems such as physical seams and color inconsistencies. High-resolution front projection multi-layer soft edge fusion The birth of technology solves a series of problems very well. Using this technology can produce high-resolution images such as 2*3, 2*n 20480*1944 (resolution after 20% pixel fusion is 16390*), which meets the application of modern high-resolution image display.

1. Save space Compared with rear projection box, the system requires less projection space
2. Seamless and smooth images, without any image splitting and stitching
3. Not limited by ambient light, the image is more realistic and ideal
4. Curved screen, better immersion and wider field of view
5. Integrate graphics and image processing, sideband generation and fusion machine generation into one, reducing investment
System composition:
Image source
High resolution front projection multi-layer soft edge fusion technology workstation (with software)
Projector (LCD or DLP)

Optical front projection screen-black grid fine display screen

Before multi-layer projection fusion
Why is the black grid fine display screen?

The screen is a vital part of the entire system. In traditional white screens, the limitation of ambient light hinders the development of front projection systems, and especially the application of projection splicing and fusion technology, black grid precision display The screen has a special optical structure, which effectively solves the interference of ambient light on the screen, and produces high-definition, high-contrast projection images. It will certainly promote the wider application of projection display.

The main standards of optical front projection screens:
1. The screen resolution is more than 100 line pairs/mm
2. Image uniformity is above 95%
3. Color restoration
4. Contrast
Another: to see if it is interfered by ambient light
GIS display
Military geographic map display
Weather analysis
Control dispatch center
Large conferences and conferences
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