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High temperature + World Cup projection five tricks to help you cool down in the heat!

by:XY Screens     2021-08-12
At the opening of the World Cup, there must be a lot of friends who choose projection to match the TV box to watch the ball all night, but this year is very hot and difficult. When the projector is continuously working, heat has become the number one problem. Working continuously for a long time in the narrow space of the projector, the lamp will emit a huge amount of heat. At the same time, the built-in projector power supply will also emit a lot of heat. If it is not radiated in time, a high temperature will be generated inside the projector, which will not only reduce the working efficiency of the projector, but also shorten the service life. At the same time, when the projector is working for a long time, the heat emitted by the projector is also very obvious for the increase in the indoor temperature. It is already enough in the hot weather, how to ensure that the projector can effectively dissipate heat, and at the same time, it is not immune to the viewer. As for the interference of hot air, today we are launching five suggestions for heat dissipation during the summer projection period, hoping to give you the best viewing experience during the World Cup. In fact, there are some small tricks in daily use for the heat dissipation of the projector. Coup 1: Be good at using the fuselage. It is one of the effective ways that the projector can be hoisted to dissipate heat through a large area of u200bu200bthe projector. When placing the projector, be sure to place it in a ventilated location, and do not place any debris on the body, especially near the vents, let alone the slightest obstruction. Choosing hoisting is the best way to watch movies at home. It ensures the reasonable exhaust of the product and does not affect the influence of the excluded hot air on the movie viewers. It kills two birds with one stone. At the same time, the difficulty of home hoisting is not high, and the budget cost is also within the acceptable range. Coup 2: Be diligent in cleaning and ventilating the opening or hollow design on the projector casing to ensure effective ventilation of the projector. The internal ventilation cover can also filter various pollutants or dust. Clean these parts in time, otherwise the dust will hinder The circulation of air inside and outside the projector. Therefore, regular cleaning of dust or other contaminants on the ventilation hood is also a measure to ensure the smooth heat dissipation of the projector. The projector is a high-precision opto-mechanical integration product. The internal components are very sensitive to temperature. In addition to the complexity of the internal structure, its own temperature requirements are relatively strict. Therefore, the projector involves the heat dissipation problem like many computer components. . At present, the overall development of business education projectors is towards portable and ultra-portable projectors. The weight of the projectors is getting smaller and smaller, and the heat dissipation requirements are higher, and the brightness of the projectors as a whole is also improving, which means that the heat generated is getting higher and higher. . All this puts forward higher requirements on the heat dissipation technology of the projector. Like NEC's easy-to-detach dual-channel cooling system, the bottom cooling method is adopted. This method allows the projector to adapt to a high temperature of 40 degrees outside, and effectively reduces the overall noise of the machine, giving users a quieter environment. The easy-to-detach dual-channel heat dissipation system can lock the heat around the bulb after a sudden power failure, preventing high temperature from being conducted to other main accessories, causing greater losses. The bulb itself also uses a unique heat conductive material to avoid damage to the wick caused by high heat after a sudden power failure, and the heat dissipation window at the bottom can also remove a large amount of heat in time. The fan port is also specially hand-added with a sealing strip to reduce the loss of ventilation and heat dissipation to a minimum. WeChat ID: SNOWHITE20020909
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