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Hold up the umbrella of safety and care for the flower of life

by:XY Screens     2021-09-03
On November 17, 2013, I was on my way out and saw a traffic accident on Xinsha Road. A car loaded with hazardous chemicals crashed into an electric car. Not far behind the car, I saw it covered with a cloth. A corpse was littered with debris from an electric car. I heard that the adult was sent to the hospital, and the child died on the spot. Seeing this tragic scene, I was hurt; looking at the weak children, I choked.   Human lives are both extremely strong and fragile. Sometimes it is as solid as a rock, and still stands proud after vicissitudes of life; sometimes it is as fragile as a flower, unable to withstand wind and rain, a small negligence or accident may be crushed to pieces. Measured by distance, life and death are only one step away; Measured by time, life and death are only in the blink of an eye. In the journey of life, splendor and decadence go hand in hand, fresh and fragile. The flower of life blooms beautifully under the sun and rain, but it is easy to lose its fragrance in the storm...   We learn road traffic safety knowledge together, continuously increase traffic safety knowledge and enhance the consciousness of observing traffic safety, so as to cherish life , Caring for travel, ensuring that colleagues 'bring safety to work and bring happiness home.' Vehicles and pedestrians on streets and highways violated road traffic rules and road traffic safety management rules, causing casualties, vehicles and materials The loss of the accident. There are also various safety hazards in the work. Once the warehouseman was cut by the blade of the flannel when he was lifting the flannel. After cutting the flannel, the blade should not be placed on the flannel, and a knife with a knife holder should also be used. Use bare blades. Screen cutting should be performed as standard to prevent the knife from cutting your hands. Regardless of the workstation, the operation should be carried out in accordance with the standard operating instructions. Smoking should be prohibited in the production workshop, warehouse, and chemical warehouse. Many lessons of blood tell us that paralysis is the enemy of safety in production. Therefore, safety is no small matter, everything is possible. Doing a good job in safety is like walking on thin ice. We must not be negligent and paralyzed. Start from trivial matters, from point to point. Lay a solid and pragmatic foundation for safety work. The safety of every workshop and production position is the most concerned issue from managers, workshop directors and production team leaders. Pre-job training is required for every new recruit. It is of great significance to improve the safety awareness of employees and reduce the occurrence of production accidents, especially major accidents. Various knowledge competitions with safety as the theme can also be carried out to allow employees to learn more safety knowledge and unknowingly develop the habit of safe production in a safe environment, which is inseparable from the care of each employee. Ensure safe production and prevent problems before they happen. Life is precious. It is one and only once for everyone. This is the unbearable weight of life. In the process of blooming, the flower of life needs an umbrella that can care for its splendid blooming. During its blooming process, it protects it and prevents it from withering prematurely. At the same time, I deeply understand the preciousness and fragility of life again. Desire more for a stable and peaceful life.
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