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Holographic projection, who can't love it? !

by:XY Screens     2021-09-22
Holographic projection has completed the task of bringing virtual characters to people.  It can not only realize projection, but also interact with people...Holographic projection has been developed to this day and has been understood by more and more people. From Hatsune Miku, a virtual idol familiar to the otaku, to the resurrection of Teresa Teng and Jay Chou in a duet, and the four Li Yuchun who were projected on the stage through a holographic projection during the Spring Festival Gala in 15 years, and so on. The advantages of the veil: 1. The biggest advantage of the veil is that it can transmit light, while ensuring that the picture is still beautiful and full of colors; 2. The veil itself is light and thin, and the installation method is not limited. It can also be discounted, and after discount, it can be made into various decorative screens. Nowadays, screen holographic projections are increasingly being commercialized and adopted, such as holographic weddings that change traditional weddings, performance stages, and so on. These not only drive people's pursuit of high quality of life, but also give new indicators of market demand. With the naked eye, the audience can see 3D virtual characters. Silver Tiger’s 3D holographic technology is a kind of imaging that suspends three-dimensional images in the mid-air of the real scene, creating an atmosphere of illusion and reality, with peculiar effects and a strong sense of depth. It is difficult to tell whether it is true or false. The real thing can be combined in the middle of the formation of the aerial illusion, and the combination of the image and the real thing can be realized. It can also be equipped with somatosensory or radar to realize the interaction with the audience. The screen also has the same sand screen. Compared with the 3D effect pursued by the public, it is new and unique. The audience can see the objects on the back of the screen through the screen. It can take advantage of its light-transmitting secondary imaging, which is more transparent than traditional projection screens; through light from behind the screen to the scene, the characters or space environment hidden behind can be revealed, so that it is easy to express dreamy virtual scenes.
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