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Holographic screen full application: make 3D vision unique

by:XY Screens     2021-09-22
Holographic projection is a 3D technology that does not require glasses. Through a special display medium, the audience can see three-dimensional virtual characters. This technology is widely used in some museums, science and technology museums, and on stage. The holographic stereoscopic projection device is not realized by digital technology, but the projection device projects images from different angles onto a holographic film, so that people cannot see other images that do not belong to their own angles, thus realizing a true holographic stereoscopic image. The holographic technology is amazed by people because of the large number of applications in museums and science and technology museums. This series of screen projection screens have many unparalleled advantages such as high definition, strong light resistance, ultra-thin and anti-aging. It is composed of molecular-level nano-optical components: holographic color filter crystal as the core material, integrating nanotechnology, materials science, optics, polymer and other multidisciplinary achievements and preparation and processing technology, using organic materials, inorganic nano powders and fine metal powders The body is the raw material and is produced. In addition, the thin and light interior contains an advanced precision optical structure to achieve a high-definition, high-brightness perfect image. There are three kinds of dark gray, light gray and milky white. The rear-projection holographic screen material is made of a special PET material with high light transmittance, combined with professionally developed surface textures, so that the reflectivity of the light-receiving surface is extremely low, and the projected light can be refracted to a viewing angle of nearly 80 degrees and the display surface There is a difference between bright spots and dark spots. It can display a 35° rear projection image, all other light can be completely ignored. The image picture is particularly bright and clear. The transparent display effect allows viewers to not only see the perfect image on the screen, but also to see through the screen. The holographic film allows the screen to remain translucent where there is no image, so that users have more space to creatively conceive the content and images displayed on the screen.
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