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Home theater becomes more popular

by:XY Screens     2021-09-14
Forget about sitting in a crowded theater with sticky, dirty floors and talkative moviegoers. Watching movies in the comfort of your own home is becoming more and more popular on large movie theaters equipped with surround sound on screens. If money is not an issue, your home theater can look like anything you imagine, from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Black Pearl to your own personal bat cave or just a luxurious home away from home. 'Batman, Pirates and Star Wars-themed home theaters are definitely 'money is not a problem' theater,' Lou Cerbone, a New York audio and video designer, based on Lagrange and said Mahopac. 'You can’t see that much, but if it’s something that someone wants like a lunatic, it’s a very large space. The beauty of home theater is that there are so many different room sizes, you can design a theme Guest rooms, or theaters are made of rustic barn wood or ultra-traditional home theater with pillared candlesticks, staging and curtains. 'Even if money is not a problem, Cerbone recommends setting a budget. 'Your budget will depend on if the room will be dedicated to a home theater and a place instead of a shared space, pool table, bar, gym, etc.' Cerbone said that he has seen the owner spend more than $150,000 on dedicated Home theater. The desire to bring movie theaters to homes can be driven by more cost-effective technology and more available options. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, sales of electronic equipment have skyrocketed, reaching a record high of US$211.3 billion this year. Carbone explained that general home theater projection screens and movie projectors are installed on the ceiling or behind the screen. 'Television is not a home theater,' Cerbone said. Mike McNamara said in the sales manager on Poughkeepsie TV that he 'disagrees.' 'Whether you need a projection screen or a large TV depends on the size of the room,' he said. 'The 75-inch projection screen has a big room,' he said. 'Most large-screen TVs are good small rooms. It is estimated that about $20,000 will be invested in a smaller home theater room.' 'You want to replicate the feel of a movie theater. The focus is on the screen,' said George Morano, Sony Experience Expert Say Best Buy in Poughkeepsie. 'The most impressive TV on the market today is Samsung’s ultra-high definition curve, which sells for about $8,000 and is 78 inches. Consider your peripherals, which gives you depth and 3D without 3D. It’s like you Experience in IMAX theaters. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, the continued growth of ultra-high-definition televisions has also shown greater growth than initially expected in 2014. Shipments of ultra-high-definition displays are expected to reach US$800,000 in 2014, with annual revenue of US$1.9 billion. But, Morano said, home theaters should also include Blu-ray DVD players, and of course, a great surround sound system that can cost about 2,500 yuan. 'How about the seats?' Cerbone asked. 'How many people will be in the room? Isn't it true that the seats in most movie theaters are not very comfortable. 'A luxury home theater with a large screen and a great sound system is usually soundproof. 'People want ultra-high-end speakers hidden in false panels or walls, not on the floor. 'Lighting is also vital to the complete home theater experience. 'You can install special lighting with shining stars on the ceiling, fiber optics in the room, or accent lighting, all automatically controlled. 'Each piece of electronic equipment in a home theater is usually equipped with a remote control, but there is no need to use multiple controllers, which can become unstoppable. 'Now, all of this can be done with a smart touch screen or iPad,' Cerbone said McNamara said that he and the architect wanted to create a luxury-themed guest room. 'Our AV guy, but it is usually a designer who has this vision, so we work hard together. 'Of course, the pirate or Batman show costs up to $2 million, which may not be in most budgets, but it is impressive. According to elite home theater seats, the $2.5 million Batman Theater took two years to complete, including The bookshelf slid open, revealing a life-size batmobile and an actual tunnel. The theater has a stainless steel elevator, fireplace, theater chairs and four life-size bats suitable for placement in the entire theater. 'But if you want the best , It’s like buying a brand new car,' Morano said. 'You want to put the best things in it. 'Morano advises owners that even the best system comes down to the smallest details. 'If your money is invested in a great home theater, but you don't invest in an HDMI cable, it will affect your experience. Investing in good technology means investing in good cables,' he said. Before you choose your movies and popular popcorn, it is important to work with home theater design professionals. 'Doing your homework in this industry is difficult Choose a company, have a lot of experience, design and implement a home theater. 'In 2012, the R10 Residential Systems Committee of the Consumer Electronics Association and the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association announced new standards to help professionals design, install, and calibrate home theater systems to meet the growing consumer demand Demand, and maximize the home theater viewing experience to meet or exceed the commercial theater experience.
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