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Home Theater in Nantong Private Garden

Home Theater in Nantong Private Garden


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With the development of economy, more and more people pursuit building a home theater for themselves to spend leisure time. What kind of projector screen should we use? And what size of projector screen is suitable for us? These are important elements of building a home cinema. If the screen size is too big, it may cause visual fatigue after watching for a long time. As a professional projection expert, we XYSCREENS would like to share a case as a sample for you reference.



The case we shared was located in Private Garden in Nantong, room space is 5.6*7.5 meters, applied with XYSCREENS 16:9 165 inches curved frame screen with woven acoustic transparent Sound Max 4 for Sony VPL-VW278 projector.


In an enough space, the bigger the image is, the more fabulous the visual effect is. Curved frame viewing size looks wider and more elegant than normal fixed screen. Flat screen surface also brings better visual experience for users.

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With ability of color restoration, woven Sound Max 4K fabric adapts the projection of 1080P/4K/3D resolution, applies for high-end/top end cinema, it is anti static, waterproof as well as flame-resist.

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Our client showed great satisfaction with the color saturation, picture definition and acoustic transparent effect that our screen displayed. Create the perfect audio and visual experience and show the beauty of our world. That’s what we always do.


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