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home theater projector screens

by:XY Screens     2019-12-28
Home theater projection screen is one of the hottest home accessories today.
Not only do they give people a luxurious look, they also make watching TV an unforgettable experience.
In addition to the projector, the projection screen is one of the most important parts of the home theater system.
The projection screen of the home theater can also be of various types.
The most basic classification is the front screen.
Back screen.
The front screen can be further divided into curved screen and fixed flat screen.
These have certain advantages;
For example, the curved screen is light in weight and therefore easy to install.
The image is also brighter and the resolution and contrast are better as the curve can reject the lighting in the room.
On the other hand, the flat screen is ideal for front projection.
They look like a real theater.
There are also retractable tablet screens that can be simply rolled up when not in use.
Another interesting option is the motor roll
Down screen, you can scroll up or down using a simple \"switch\" mechanism. Tab-
Tension Motor Roll
The lower screen has an external suspension cable that makes the screen very tight.
Then the floor-
The installed motorized screen, which can be placed in a small square box when it is retracted. However, rear-
The projection screen provides more image clarity and clarity.
In addition, the projector is completely hidden from the field of view.
Today, most screens are covered with velvet decorations to absorb any light from the projector. They have a 3-
1 inch wide-
The inch-deep frame keeps the screen strong and smooth.
The common screen size ratio is 4: 3 and 16: 9.
The projection screen is available in a variety of sizes: 30 \", 34\", 42 \", 50\", 56 \", 62\" and 70 \".
The ideal type and size depends on the type of projector used, the seat distance of the audience, the size of the room, the location of the screen and projector, and the surrounding room light.
The home theater projection screen also has three levels of contrast, variable gain, non-
Interfere with pigments, reduce color bias, and have a wider reflection spectrum.
They are also easy to install.
Custom screens are also available in some manufacturers.
The home theater projection screen starts at $700.
Some of the top brands of home theater projection screens are: Carada, Da-
Lite, Draper, Dukane, elite screen, Goo system, grand view crystal screen of Canada, large screen display, Optoma, Stewart Filmscreen and Vutec.
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