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Hospital LED display needs and solutions_LED display manufacturers|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-21
LED displays are now widely used in various industries, such as hospital display systems, railway scheduling systems, hotel stage LED displays, station trains LED displays, etc. Today, we will mainly take you to understand the needs and solutions of hospital LED displays. The hospital LED display contains many different models of products, which can be roughly divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display, while the hospital outdoor LED display is basically the same as the conventional level in other industries; the hospital indoor LED display model can be selected : P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6. In high-standard hospital meeting rooms and important places, you can consider using small-pitch led display screens if the budget is sufficient. The cost is much higher, and the display effect will also make People shocked. 1. Demand analysis of hospital LED display 1. Demand analysis of stable performance LED display is a facility that serves hospitals and displays various media and various information. Therefore, the displayed text and image information are required to be refreshed quickly, with soft color matching and display. Stability, if there are phenomena such as 'stroboscopic' and 'water rippleElectronic display screens are mainly used to display video signals and information release. Any failure will cause mood swings in the audience and cause undesirable consequences. Therefore, the display screen should be stable, reliable and foolproof during operation. This requires that the quality of the display should be given top priority during design, production, installation, and debugging, and an effective quality system should be used to ensure the entire process, taking full account of the impact of external factors such as environment, temperature, and electromagnetic interference on the display and the system. , To ensure that the operation of the grid display system reaches a high standard to suit its application. Second, the role of hospital LED display screen Hospital brand promotion LED display screen can play various forms of hospital promotional video clips, notifications, slogan display, the latest discount activities, greatly improving the hospital's brand promotion. Live broadcast The full-color LED display can broadcast large-scale sports games, large-scale event TV live broadcasts and cultural activities, background image display, news releases, notices, and slogan display. Slogan advertisement This full-color LED display can play various computer information such as various color advertisements, three-dimensional animations, graphics, pictures and so on. News briefing This full-color led display can be used for real-time broadcast of various news and briefings. The LED display screen plays a role in the convenience of the public. The following content can be played through the electronic display screen located in the prominent position of the hospital lobby: the name of the medicine, the price, the place of origin, etc., various examinations, the charging standards of the operation, the patient’s hospitalization, the examination, etc. Procedures flow chart, location distribution map and function introduction of various departments of the hospital, brief introductions of the chief physicians and attending physicians of the hospital and various departments, a list of doctors in each department on the day, introduction of relevant information of specially invited experts to the hospital, new services of the hospital Project introduction, 'Service Commitment' of the hospital, various revenues of the hospital, procurement of medicines and equipment, and bidding and expenditures for construction and decoration of the hospital can be displayed on the display screen. LED display screens play a role in publicizing relevant laws and regulations: through the display screen can play 'Medical Staff Operation SpecificationsThe screen can play 'Patient InstructionsArrangements and advanced collectives, personal honor rolls and advanced deeds and other LED display screens play the role of public service advertisements: the display screen can broadcast weather forecasts, 'Civilized Enterprise and Public PactPlay the role of setting off the atmosphere: through the display screen, the welcome speech of superior leaders and various VIPs to visit and guide, the greetings to the patients, and the celebration of various major festivals can be played.
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