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How a Projection System Can Substitute a Television Set

How a Projection System Can Substitute a Television Set


Not long ago we were accustomed to watching movies only in theaters, and televisions were for regular TV shows. But things have changed a lot in this digital age we live in. The internet has brought a great revolution in the movie industry. You can now easily stream movies via the internet in quality, at the comfort of your home.

The change has also touched other areas like electronics, specifically the television sets. Now that movies theater are coming back home, people are confused about whether to choose hd projector screen or television set. If you are one of them, then this article is just for you.

Since Christiaan Hygen discovered the projectors in 1659, they have gone through a series of innovation. Nobody would ever thought that televisions would be replaced with projectors. But today we have projector screens which produce clear and bigger images compared to televisions.

Nowadays even the bigger television screens are no march to hd projector screens. Since the projectors come with the same and even higher image value at a lower cost. Let's briefly look at the top three benefits of using projectors before moving further.

Benefits of Using Hd projector screen.

Customized Screen Size

We all like the fact that you can project your hd projector on any surface. It is much different from a television which is fixed. Just make sure that you have a white painted wall, then you're set to start enjoying the view. Some may decide to use a specially made screen to project, which is fine as long as you enjoy.

What is great about the projectors is that the screen size can be customized based on the need. This is very different from televisions which have a fixed screen size.

Large Images

Since the projectors have no outer limit restrictions, the images displayed are fairly large. Those who have been in movie theaters would be the first to admire this benefit. Whereas for television sets the maximum size of the images is set based on the current technology. It is another reason projection can substitute television sets today.

Great Eye Comfort

Have you ever taken that eye exam given by eye specialists? If you have then you know that those large letters are easier to read than the smaller ones. Even if your eyes have the best possible vision capacity, reading small letters isn't comfortable. The hd projector screen provides eye comfort, since they display bigger images and even sub-titles in case of movies.

These are just some of the top benefits the projectors have compared to televisions. It is enough to say projection can surely replace television screen for the most part. However, people would still have some more questions to be answered before opting to the hd projector screen. Let's dive deep to learn some important facts.

Substituting Flat Panel TV For HD Projector

In case of substituting a flat TV for an hd projector, it is entirely based on the uses you have with your TV set. If you only use your television for watching TV shows and movies like most, the hd projector would do a better job. Just prepare your displaying wall, get your hd projector, close the curtains and enjoy the show. You will have the best experience at a cheaper cost.

Price and Quality Comparison

If you buy an 80 inches flat TV it will cost you about $4,000, but you can get a 120 inches hd projector screen for only $800. This is enough to tell you that the cost of having a quality hd projector is way to low compared to a TV set. In addition to that, you can even get the special projector screen to prevent ambient light, which will still be much cheaper than a TV set.

Projectors Recommended For Living Rooms

For areas like the living room, it is recommended to use hd projectors such as BenQ HT2050. It is one of those projectors that produces clear and bright images, which will suit the living room. The price of this projector is around $740, which is not high in comparison to the quality offered. You can find the more expensive models, which in turn won't be much different from BenQ.

Converting Basement to a Theater Recommendation

For those of us who really can stay without a home theater, here is a recommendation for you, In case you want to change your basement to a theater, you can use Sony VPL HW45ES. This is way much better compared to BenQ, because it produces much more quality images and accurate colors. Its price is fairly higher than BenQ, but the quality surpasses the price.

Testing and Results.

I conducted a test to make sure that what I'm sharing with you is authentic. I have created a testing room at my place, It consists of a 92 inches screen. I sealed all the light entering the room to ensure genuine observation. Just to make things clear, my home is just like most of the modern homes.

I had to do some installments including a black-out roller shade on the windows, this is just to block light from entering. I use devices to do lots of measurements on the hd projectors, the devices gauge the color accuracy and brightness. I even measure how great they play video games, as well as watching movies. The movies I watch are those I already know in order to see the accuracy displayed.

With all the measurements and observations as well as different valuations, I really think in my opinion hd projector screens are better. Although, it is also vital to understand how to select the best projectors based on your needs. Since you will find a lot of projectors in the market, it is important to know the best brands.

I really think that this article has shed a broad light to those who weren't sure what to pick between TV sets and projectors. For those who wanted to know how to set up projectors for their living room, you already know. And finally, for those who wanted to have a basement theater, I hope you have some light in that.

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