How can enterprises stand on their own in the LED display price war _LED Display Technology|LED Disp

How can enterprises stand on their own in the LED display price war? _LED Display Technology|LED Display Enterprise|Small Pitch LED Display

by:XY Screens     2021-10-06
Since its inception, LED display technology has been widely used in all aspects of daily life, and even people in the industry define it as the best luminescent material that humans can find. Nowadays, full-color LED advertising screens have achieved considerable development as a very attractive branch of the LED industry. So, in an industrial environment where the industry is becoming increasingly mature and competition is becoming increasingly fierce, how will LED display companies maintain their unique competitive advantages? In the past few years, my country's LED industry has experienced a period of golden development. The rapid increase in market demand has led to the large-scale adoption of LED displays in stage performance, stadiums, advertising and many other fields. The open market has brought more business opportunities, but at the same time it also means that market competition will become more intense, leaving less and less profit margins for LED screen companies. In fact, the cruel facts facing many companies at present are that the relatively low threshold, the mixed pattern of fish and dragons, and the severely homogenized products have made the 'LED advertising screen price war' that companies hate but unavoidable become LED The main theme of the advertising screen market. Therefore, how to get out of the current predicament, achieve its own breakthrough, and survive the upcoming market reshuffle has become the most urgent problem for any LED display company. It is not difficult to make such a decision. There are commonalities in the development of any industry. It is not difficult to find a solution by grasping these basic principles. In economic theory, there is a well-known 'barrel theory' law. The simple interpretation is that how much water a wooden bucket can hold is not determined by the longest plank, but by the shortest plank. In management, it can be extended to understand that enterprises must make up for shortcomings in order to obtain good development momentum. Another extended interpretation believes that the development of an enterprise needs the advantages that can drive its own development. This is not a short board, but a long board. These two interpretations seem to be a contradiction on the surface, but they are not. If it can be used flexibly, it will have the effect of 1+1>2. For example, for large and medium-sized enterprises with strong Ru0026D and financial strength, the overall strength is relatively strong. The company must eliminate shortcomings in many links such as products, talents, management, and channels, and open up all aspects of Ru0026D, production and sales. Let the buckets of enterprises contain more 'strength.' But we must not just be satisfied with balanced development. For such a powerful enterprise, making up for shortcomings is the basis for survival, but the unique longboard is the biggest driving force for enterprise development. For example, companies with strong Ru0026D capabilities have begun to invest in the Ru0026D and production of small-pitch LED displays with extremely high technical content; companies with strong comprehensive supporting service capabilities are paying more attention to the building of service brands. For small and micro LED display companies, if they want to survive in an increasingly competitive environment, they need to make up for their shortcomings in Ru0026D, strength, channel influence and other fields. But for this type of enterprise, it may be more valuable to find and build its own longboard. Specifically, according to one's own strength and strengths, effective use of 'micro-innovation' means to create one's own unique characteristics, concentrating superior resources, exerting efforts on one or two points, and achieving local breakthroughs through sufficient pressure. And turn to cover up the shortcomings of the enterprise. For example, some companies only focus on a very specific industry sector. In fact, there is no LED display company that has no shortcomings. The balance of all aspects of the enterprise is a dynamic development process. Under the premise of cost permitting, timely repair of shortcomings can avoid the impact of a certain link. The overall strength of the enterprise. But at the same time, the long board can not be ignored for the growth of the company. This is the export of the company's brand strength. If the short board is internal strength, then the long board is external force. The two are an inseparable whole. Only coordinated development can take effect. Otherwise, once the two are separated, a drop of water will not be able to hold.
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