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How can the display picture quality of the full-color LED display achieve the best results?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-22
The imaging of a full-color LED display is generally through files, videos, images, and text on the computer. Send to the sending card through the graphics card to process transcoding. Then go to the receiving card to drive imaging. So how can we achieve the best display effect when we choose the LED display? The picture quality of the LED display, brightness, width of the picture and the best viewing distance for installation, are closely related to each index. Only when the various indexes of the LED display meet the requirements, the picture quality of the LED display will be better. The led display is composed of many subsystems, and we need to have a detailed understanding of each subsystem. The imaging principle of LED display screen includes power supply, video encoder and decoder code, line driver, digital signal processor (DSP), etc. These subsystems work closely together to produce video images. If you look closely at the LED display, you will see hundreds of individual video panels. A little closer, you will find that each panel contains 16X16 pixels. The anode of each LED is electrically connected to the output of an LED driver. Eventually, these tens of thousands of LED drivers will control hundreds of thousands of LED lamp beads to generate video images. The brightness of the LED display requires that the brightness of the LED display is not as bright as possible. In some environments, the brightness is too bright or too dark to achieve the best display effect of the display. This requires that when purchasing an LED display, match the most suitable brightness according to the brightness of the use occasion or automatically adjust it through the driver. Only in this way can it not only harm the eyes of the audience but also provide satisfactory image quality of the LED display. Most high-end LED drivers provide designers with multiple ways to control the LED current in their system. These drivers have some features that help reduce the brightness of LEDs, such as dot correction (DC), pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming, and global brightness control (BC). Although these features provide the same basic function of adjusting LED brightness, their use is different. Understanding that the correct use of these features is the key to having the best quality video. The best viewing angle of the LED display screen is about the wide viewing angle and the best viewing distance of the LED display screen. This requires standard measurement calculations on the use occasion before installation, calculate the required viewing angle and viewing distance, and then press this It is required to match, so as to ensure that the product meets the specific needs of the use occasion, and present the most exciting and high-quality images to the audience.
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