How can we tell the quality of the LED display _Shenzhen LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectron

How can we tell the quality of the LED display? _Shenzhen LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-10
LED display products are now equipped with more and more models of various types, and various special-effect full-color LED displays are more eye-catching. There are more and more occasions to install full-color LED displays, so how can you distinguish LED displays? Is the quality good or bad? Today, I will share some knowledge to distinguish the quality of LED display. 1. Circuit boards: There are many circuit board manufacturers. Shenzhen is a gathering place for electronic products. The purchase of raw materials is very fast. The circuit boards are divided into two-layer boards and four-layer boards. The thickness of the two-layer boards is 1.6. Four-layer boards It is 2.0. What affects the quality of the circuit board is the conductor inside the circuit board. The thickness of the conductor should reach the standard thickness of more than 1ns, because the temperature of the led display increases and decreases during use. If the conductor is thin It is easy to fuse during use, which will cause a large area of u200bu200bquality problems. 2. Basically 99% of the LED display manufacturers purchase the control card. The best ones in the industry are Zhongqing, Lingxingyu, Depod, Nova, and Colorlight which are used in full-color displays. More, relatively speaking, the stability is better. 3. LED display driver IC: In terms of the current development of led display, the driver IC is a bit crystal, Mingwei, and some domestic driver ICs;    4. The waterproof treatment of outdoor led display depends on whether it is machine glue It is still manual glue filling, the quality of glue, and the ratio of AB glue; 5. The brightness is not the brighter the brightness, the better, because increasing the current can increase the brightness of the LED lamp, but this will affect the life of the LED lamp. A bad LED display business opportunity is to start to increase the brightness of the LED to make you look good, but generally it can't be used in less than a year. So the most important thing is to look at the uniformity of the brightness. Uniformity means that the brightness is almost soft, and you can change the angle to see under the light. The evaluation of uneven brightness looks like a very dirty feeling. It’s just like not being wiped clean; 6. The problem of mask and kit: The ink color and consistency of the mask directly affect the display effect of the led display. If the ink color is good, the quality of the led light is good, basically the display is no Too big a problem; 7. The thickness of the iron sheet of the box body: Whether the box body is made regular is related to the box structure drawings made by the manufacturer. The structure is completed, the installation is convenient, and other heat dissipation will be better. The above points are the methods for distinguishing the quality of LED display screens. You can refer to them according to the actual situation. Of course, you pay for what you pay for. If you want the best configuration at the lowest price, everyone must understand that you can’t do it. Huaze Optoelectronics is a professional LED display manufacturer in Shenzhen, with affordable price and quality assurance. Users in need can contact the customer service of this website.
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