How does the LED display help the construction of a smart city _Small pitch led display|Indoor led d

How does the LED display help the construction of a 'smart city'? _Small pitch led display|Indoor led display

by:XY Screens     2021-10-05
At the opening of the 2017 World Smart City Expo, 'Smart City' has once again become our focus. And how to choose LED display screen new technology products to invent a scientific and reasonable 'smart city' has once again become the key to all walks of life. Smart city is the use of information and communication technology to sense, analyze, and contact the key information of the city's work base system, so as to provide intelligent care for various needs including people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban efficiency, and industrial and commercial activities. . The essence is to use advanced information technology to end the city's smart management and work, and then create more exaggerated days for the people in the city, and promote the harmonious and sustainable growth of the city. The smart city includes smart public services, smart city induction, smart government city summary management and operation platform, and smart transportation. Among these projects, the LED display industry has played a huge role in the construction of 'smart cities'. LED products have also effectively promoted the construction of 'smart cities'.   'Urban security construction' has always been a major part of the construction of 'Smart CityThe “digital, modular, and gathering management” intelligent management system created with the small-distance LED display as the center has realized a series of “system integration integration, real-time data display, networking, and intelligent protection management”. Need, will effectively promote the construction of 'smart city'. In fact, in recent years, following the rise of small-distance LED displays, security, government affairs, transportation, etc., an increasing number of relevant government departments and units have purchased such indoor LED displays and systems as display systems for command and operation platforms. . The collaborative development of LED display and the smart ecosystem. Now, in the construction of smart cities, LEDs are mainly presented in shopping malls in the shape of LED displays, but it has slowly begun to take place in terms of product control, functions, and operation forms. Change. First of all, in terms of product functions, the LED display screen has changed from the function of only showing and existing in isolation. It is a smart terminal that integrates environmental perception, intelligent identification and interaction, communication and other functions. The scale of use also breaks the original attachment to the wall. Sports, advertising columns, etc., are widely installed in public places such as pedestrian streets, squares, communities, scenic spots, commercial streets, gas stations, bus stations, high-speed service areas, toll stations, etc. Moreover, in the construction of the company’s business form, in the age of intelligence, products not only have the original display function, but also have the functions of communication, perception, interaction, identification and monitoring, forming a variety of different big data, LED The display screen smart city terminal can shine in public areas such as traffic control, climate monitoring, personnel guidance, and public security. And the LED display company is also taking advantage of the trend. It re-plans how to intelligentize and connect the company’s brand, products, shopping malls, etc., and launches new products that link the LED display to the intelligent ecosystem to provide the LED display industry. New kinetic energy.   There are a wide range of detailed projects, and the LED display needs to be more prosperous. Following the progress of the 'smart city   In the use of smart cities, one of them is for 2C-oriented public customers, that is, providing services for people's livelihood systems such as teaching, medical care, transportation, and environmental protection. Therefore, in the construction of a smart city, the transmission of information to the citizens will also be a major part. Systems such as smart parking lots and smart medical systems will become more prominent in real-time information; and in the construction of smart transportation systems, it will become a trend to guide the traffic conditions more quickly, timely, and more changes. This also means that the traditional fixed display signs in the past will be replaced to a certain extent. For example, new information prompts and guide signs will have a lot of display screen needs. And the LED traffic screen, which already occupies a certain position in the road traffic system, will have stronger needs. In addition to these, the construction of 'smart cities' will be more detailed in the future, and the need for LED displays will also increase. Sheng. Since the start of the 'Smart City' construction, we can see the major contributions made by LED displays in the promotion of the 'Smart City' construction and development: LED displays can be seen everywhere in the aspects of people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, urban services, industrial and commercial activities, etc. Figure, it has played a huge role in realizing the intelligent management of the city and creating a better city life.
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