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How does the LED display industry transform into a mid-to-high-end industry?

by:XY Screens     2021-10-03
At present, China's LED display has entered a mature period of development, and is now facing a period of industrial upgrading and development. While the brand structure is stable and solidified, industrial competition is also intensifying. In the context of end customers becoming more mature and rational, demand quality and high-end, China’s LED display market is 'fusion.' The era of great integration of China’s LED display industry has come with continuous technological innovation, and industrial resources have also increased. There is a concentration of strong screen companies; from the perspective of the market, market segmentation brands are also continuing to be segmented, users are changing from buying products to buying services and buying experience, and the market is also changing from 'bargains' to 'high-end smart boutiques' upgrade'. However, with the continuous acceleration of industrial upgrading and transformation, and the overall saturation of the market since entering 2018, it is obvious that the transformation and upgrading of the led display industry has accelerated, especially under the stimulation of a new round of terminal consumer demand upgrades, the led display industry has begun In the face of the innovation competition, however, in the face of the ever-changing market user needs, some LED display companies have gradually discovered: technological innovation is always boundless, and in the face of rapid changes in user needs, can LED display companies’ technological innovation and commercial innovation be Keep up? Especially in the current hot smart LED display product field, all LED display companies are faced with this series of questions and decisions: how to upgrade and transform to mid-to-high-end industries and markets? Are smart and creative new products the most urgent needs of users? Can they lead this round of consumption upgrade? Intelligent LED display: Relying on standards, but also on the market’s major bottlenecks that have plagued the rapid development of the smart LED display industry in recent years. The outside world generally pointed the finger at the imperfect 'industry technical standardsThe inconsistency and incompatibility of smart terminals between enterprises in the industry will eventually bring about the status quo of 'pseudo-intelligence' in the industry. Under this form, industry experts and industry associations have not only called for speeding up the pace of the establishment of the standard system, but also released a signal: standardization work is imminent. This is not only to break industry barriers and standardize industry development, but more importantly. It truly meets the needs of users.   It must be noted that the formulation of any industry standard requires a gradual improvement process, and moreover, a continuous running-in time. In this context, in the process of promoting intelligent transformation, LED display companies cannot choose to wait for the introduction of standards. Instead, they should actively participate in the construction of projects such as 'smart display' and 'big data platform.' From the perspective of user needs and experience, we will truly build an opposing mechanism for the market and market forces. Beginning in 2016, the LED display industry began to transform towards a high-end industrial structure, and actively advocated the 'craftsmanship spirit'Made in China'. With the acceleration of the construction of smart cities, the next smart led display will become the key to the high-end transformation of the led display industry and the development of new profit margins. The requirements for its product quality will also be higher. LED display companies want to be in this To grab a piece of cake in the new field, it is necessary to change the backward traditional manufacturing concepts and methods. Under this general trend, LED screen companies must 'endure loneliness' in terms of intelligent technology and product innovation, and continuously optimize and improve technology and products, in order to have the opportunity to lead a new round of market product upgrades!
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