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how lcd projectors work

by:XY Screens     2019-11-15
Ups and Downs of LCD projectors. What do LCD projectors do, what can\'t other projectors do?
First of all, you don\'t have to worry about the film fading.
The LCD projector relies on external data from the computer (
Connect via USB)
Or insert the data in the DVD.
Digital images sent to three LCD displays (
Then recombine into a single picture)
The first time you show the lens is as clear as when you show the lens.
The grayscale used in the three LCD displays allows for strong image details, all of which are 25% less charged than other digital projector technologies [source: 3LCD].
Different from digital light processing (DLP)projectors -
Other popular digital projection technologies we mentioned-
The LCD projector does not experience the \"rainbow effect\" color flashing caused by the rotation color wheel inside the DLP projector.
The LCD projector can also benefit from higher contrast for a clearer image.
However, DLP projectors still dominate the high-end market
End, professional projection scene.
Watch a show in a large cinema and you will see the light from a DLP projector worth more than $35,000.
On the other hand, the price of the LCD projector is between $200 and $9,000.
Like all gadgets, the LCD projector needs a certain amount of maintenance and maintenance.
While you don\'t have to worry about using it will reduce the quality of the movie, a single pixel will burn out and reduce the quality of the image.
Dust particles can also be collected on the LCD screen to stain the image.
So the next time you shoot a projected movie at home or at work, see what kind of projector is being used.
If it is an LCD projector, imagine that there are three small gray screens in it, as well as reassembled beams that bring everything to a colorful life.
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