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How many real friends do you have

by:XY Screens     2021-09-25
An ordinary friend will say when drinking: You are not a friend until you finish drinking this glass; a real friend will say when drinking: Don’t drink too much. An ordinary friend can accompany you to finish a bottle of spirits; a true friend can accompany you for a long conversation all night. An ordinary friend feels unfamiliar after a few years of absence; a true friend feels more cordial even after ten years of absence. The phone number of an ordinary friend cannot be remembered in the phone book; the phone number of a real friend is not written down, but he always remembers it clearly. An ordinary friend, after listening to the song you sing, will applaud and say it’s really nice; a real friend, after listening to the song you sing, will say please don’t torture people next time! An ordinary friend cannot see you when the spring breeze is proud; a true friend sees you when you are down. An ordinary friend gives you a cigarette to smoke; a real friend uses your cigarette to give someone a cigarette. An ordinary friend will often tell you: Just ask me if you have anything; a real friend will often tell you, don't bother me if it's okay. An ordinary friend, when you have something to find him, but always says that you are just not free; a real friend, when you have something, calls you to ask you. An ordinary friend can share with you; a true friend can share pain with you. An ordinary friend loves to tell you his success stories; a true friend loves to tell you his disappointments and frustrations and failures. An ordinary friend becomes an enemy after quarreling with you; a true friend is still a friend after quarreling with you. An ordinary friend will let you get black near the ink; a true friend will let you know that those near the ink will get dark. An ordinary friend will bring a bottle of wine to your party; a true friend will come to help you prepare early and leave later to help you clean up. An ordinary friend asks you to talk about your troubles; a real friend asks you to solve your troubles. An ordinary friend is curious about your romance; a true friend can threaten you to speak out. An ordinary friend, when visiting, acts like a guest; a real friend opens the refrigerator to take things by himself. An ordinary friend thinks that the friendship is over after a fight; a true friend understands that when you have not fought, it is not a true friendship. An ordinary friend expects you to be by his side forever; a true friend expects him to be by your side forever. What is a true friend? It is someone who is willing to share with her once you have something happy; it is a safe haven when you are wronged and caught in the cold wind and rain; it is the person who makes you raise your head and face the sun with a smile when your mood falls to the bottom. People; the one who hasn't seen for a long time, but only greets indifferently in his heart; is the one who doesn't see you when you gain fame and fortune, and when you fail, the person who stretches out your hands in a friendly manner is a true friend.   The most important thing in each of us in life is friends, especially true friends, cherish it, friends!
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