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How much does it cost to build a home singing theater?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-07
Owning a home theater is a dream of many people, so how much does it cost to build a real home singing theater? Based on the numerous theater cases, it can be roughly divided into the following price ranges: (Usually nowadays home theaters have both games and karaoke functions in addition to watching movies, and high-end private theaters are indispensable with intelligent control systems. Here we give the reference price. Only includes: audio-visual equipment and acoustic material costs, KTV singing, games, intelligent control, excluding decoration) One, ordinary level: 360,000 features: affordable, good effect, high cost performance, recommended level: 7.15 million features: moderate price, The audio-visual effect is very good, super cost-effective 3. Professional grade: 15.2 million Features: Positioning in the high-end, the pursuit of the best presentation of audio-visual effects. The perfect combination of main equipment and acoustic decoration cost reference 1. Projection 10,000-40,000 Here refers to 2D projection, generally 2D can get a good audio-visual experience. The price of 3D is 20,000-80,000, and 3D projection can get a better viewing experience. 2. Speakers 20,000-200,000 speakers have the largest investment in all equipment, which directly determines the audio-visual effect. The price of speakers varies greatly, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. 3. Wireless high-fidelity microphone The microphone determines the level of singing. Singing is easy and pleasant: 20,000-0.8 million. 4. Power amplifier: 0.5-20,000 Amplifiers. The power amplifier is the hub of the audio-visual system. Different speakers can be equipped with equivalent amplifiers to achieve the maximum potential of the audio-visual system. 5. Projection screens. Projection screens of different grades from 0.5 to 10,000 have different ability to restore video signals. Good projection screens can optimize poor quality video signals, while poor projection screens are a waste of video signals. 6. Other equipment ranging from 0.5 to 10,000 such as: players, cables, discs, etc., all within 10,000. 7. Acoustic design and decoration 30,000-200,000 Acoustic design is related to the audio-visual environment. The specific cost can only be calculated after the engineer's survey. Generally, it depends on the room area and the difficulty of construction. The larger the area, the more acoustic materials required and the longer the construction period. Longer, the higher the cost; mainly includes: THX acoustic design cost, material cost, construction cost.
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