How much does it cost to buy a full-color LED display on a hotel stage _Full color LED display manuf

How much does it cost to buy a full-color LED display on a hotel stage? _Full color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-08-16
The price of a full-color LED display is calculated by area, and then related configuration and manual construction costs are added. Many hotels want to install a full-color LED display. Because they don't understand the relevant budget, they feel that the price is too expensive and hesitant. So how much does it cost to buy a full-color LED display, and what are the benefits? Today, I will show you how long it will take for the hotel to install an LED display screen to recover the cost. If you install a 20 square meter Huaze Optoelectronics P4 full-color LED display in the hotel banquet hall, and a 20 square meter P4 full-color LED display The cost of the whole project of the display screen is about 100,000 yuan, and then such a 20-square-meter P4 full-color LED display screen is rented to wedding couples or companies to organize events, meetings, etc. The cost for one day ranges from 2,000 to 5,000 yuan. (The specific cost is evaluated according to the city's consumption level), here I will use 2000 yuan a day to calculate, an average of 15 days a month, 2000 yuan × 15 days u003d 30,000 yuan × 12 (month) u003d 360000 yuan-1 labor cost And the electricity cost is about 80,000 yuan u003d 280,000 yuan, so a 20-square-meter hotel banquet hall LED display has a revenue of more than 200,000 yuan, so you don't have to worry about the cost of recovery! LED screens used in hotels are generally installed on the wall of the banquet hall stage, with lighting and environment to hold weddings, LED screens will be used more to display photos, videos, etc.; if it is on an outdoor lawn A three-dimensional arch design is made in the middle of the upper/beach beach. It is installed with fresh flowers and is equipped with LED displays on both sides. The visual effect is also great! The sweet past and wedding photos of the bride and groom are continuously shown on the large LED screen, and the host’s on-site host interaction allows relatives, friends and guests on the scene to truly feel the happiness and touch of the new couple! The high-definition broadcast experience of the hotel's LED display can make the atmosphere of the meeting and wedding scene achieve an excellent effect, and give the guests a more beautiful and shocking visual experience. The price of the full-color LED display used in the hotel is related to the price: the LED display should be clear to take pictures, and there should be no water ripples and moiré. If a large hotel LED screen is not clear with a mobile phone, it is not a real hotel LED Display screen. Why? If the effect of taking photos with the guests on the scene is not good, then who is still in the mood to continue taking photos and posting to friends, so these bits and pieces can be related to the satisfaction of the newcomer and the image of the hotel. If the effect of the full-color LED display product is good, these newcomers will be introduced to his friends. If the effect is not good, they may dissuade his friends from going. So a good hotel LED big screen can bring you business, and a bad LED big screen can also damage your hotel's reputation! The price of the hotel's full-color LED display is very important, but the related benefits it can bring are even more important. 1. Before the new couple arrives at the hotel, play an electronic photo album composed of wedding photos and growth history of the couple, which can take care of guests who are not good at speaking, or friends and colleagues who are not particularly acquainted, and pass the time to enhance the understanding of the new couple. 2. After the newcomer arrives at the hotel, the splendid footage of the newcomer's reception will be played on the big led screen immediately. The on-site guests can experience the joy of the newcomer's reception through the clear picture of the LED display. 3. At the wedding ceremony, the LED big screen will play pre-photographed videos, produced MVs, blessings from guests present and those who cannot be present, new houses, certification and other videos, so as to truly feel the couple's intentions for the wedding. 4. The LED display screen can play some interesting videos. The diners can watch the program while waiting before eating, and can pass the time before serving. 5. The large LED screen can be used to produce interactive effects with users, such as: users use WeChat platform to order songs, leave messages and other interactions, which can shorten the distance with customers. Through the above points, we can see that the full-color LED display can have sticky interaction with users, promote customers' circular transactions, and can bring greater traffic through the customer's spontaneous sending of Moments. If you need to know the price of full-color LED display, you can contact our customer service or sales consultant, you can get the latest full-color LED display quotation form and LED display plan, for your reference.
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