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How much is a small-pitch LED display? Choose Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-12
Although the LED display industry has entered a period of slow growth, it can be seen from various data that small-pitch LED displays have been the main force in the development of the LED display industry in recent years. The emergence of small-pitch technology has promoted the introduction of LED displays to indoor In the process of expansion of ultra-high-definition applications, the small-pitch LED display occupies the commanding heights of the entire LED display industry, and is highly expected by all LED display manufacturers. In recent years, with the construction of smart city and safe city projects, whether it is in the command center of transportation, security or military field, the demand for customized display engineering is increasing. Small-pitch LED displays rely on their high color gamut, high brightness, Advantages such as seamless splicing gradually occupy the mainstream position. At present, the small-pitch LED display is mainly used in large-scale conferences, exhibitions, large-scale shopping malls and other indoor places with short visual distance and high display requirements, and has won unanimous praise from end users. And in recent years, with the maturity of small-pitch display technology and the active construction of smart city and safe city projects, the demand for customized display projects such as smart transportation, security monitoring, or military command centers has increased. Bringing a broader market space for small-pitch LED displays with unique advantages such as high color gamut, high brightness, and seamless splicing. In the future, especially with the help of emerging technologies such as AI, VR, and face recognition that are becoming more and more mature, application segmentation will continue to intensify. For example, in the new retail industry that is on the new frontier of development, small-pitch LED displays can be superimposed on interactive, big data cloud operation, VR and other technologies to realize the interconnection of everything in smart retail, creating better vision and shopping experience for customers, as well as retail store upgrades. At the same time, the combination of the two also creates a larger incremental market for small-pitch LED displays. As the LED industry concentrates on upgrading and its production capacity is released, small-pitch LED displays have become an important driving force for the development of the LED industry. However, the current small-pitch LED display market is changing from 'incremental rules' to 'stock rules.' Industry insiders predict that market segmentation will continue to intensify. Small-pitch LED companies need to keep up with technological trends and trends, based on their own market positioning and goals, and with appropriate strategies to meet the changes and challenges brought about by new technologies. With the further improvement of small-pitch LED display technology, Ru0026D costs are gradually decreasing. The application field of small-pitch LED display screens is also further expanded. Small-pitch LED display screens will continue to shift to greater density and move toward intelligence and standardization. In this process, the market will be further opened. No longer limited to indoor applications, it began to expand into outdoor areas such as media advertising and landscape lighting. For example, in city squares, large commercial centers, landmark buildings, railway stations, airports, sports and cultural venues and other places, you can see small-spacing figures outdoors, and with the combination of naked-eye 3D, smart touch, Internet + and other technologies Application, outdoor small-pitch LED display will open up a larger application market.
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