How much is a square full-color LED display, and how do you calculate it _Full color LED display pri

How much is a square full-color LED display, and how do you calculate it? _Full color LED display price|LED display cost

by:XY Screens     2021-09-23
The full-color LED display screen is an important part of the large LED screen project, and the cost also accounts for more than 70% of the total investment of the project. The large LED screen consists of a display module, a power supply, a cabinet, and a cable. It is composed of power cords, and the cost of modules is high. When we are buying LED displays, understanding the price is also an indispensable link for us. Then, how much is a square meter for a full-color LED display, and how do we calculate it?   In fact, the price of the electronics industry fluctuates greatly due to the fluctuation of raw material prices, the rapid upgrade of production technology, and the strategic adjustments of manufacturers. And some companies will take advantage of the low prices to offer some eye-catching prices to compete for customers, and then gradually increase the prices for various reasons during the negotiation process. As a manufacturer, Huaze Optoelectronics adjusts according to the price of raw material costs in the market, and truly achieves real-time prices, fairness, openness and transparency, and will not deceive any of our customers.     Simply speaking, the price system of the display screen can be divided into: screen body cost, control system, accessories, steel frame structure, and subsequent logistics and installation costs.     1. Full-color LED display screen: The LED display consists of a display module, a power supply, a cabinet, and a power cord. Among them, the cost of the module is the highest, and the price difference between the lamp beads and the chip used is also large. Usually, the price of the screen, that is, the so-called 'board     2. Full-color LED display control system: The control system is generally divided into synchronous and asynchronous display systems. But basically it is divided into two parts: sending and receiving. Generally speaking, one sending card corresponds to multiple receiving cards, and the number of receiving cards increases according to the size of the screen. The outdoor display area below 80 square meters usually uses one sending card and 40-50 receiving cards (two boxes and one card). Indoor full-color LED screens are more expensive due to higher pixel density. 3. Full-color LED display accessories: For the LED display to work normally, it is not enough to have a screen, and many accessories are needed, such as a computer for general control (desktop computer), air conditioner or fan (heat dissipation), and lightning arrester , Power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), TV card (optional), multi-function card (automatically adjust the physical data of the display screen temperature, brightness, humidity, etc.), video processor (optional), etc. The price difference between different brands of accessories is very large, but it has little impact on the overall display effect. Customers can choose to buy them locally or choose matching options.     Fourth, full-color LED display steel structure: LED display is composed of blocks of modules, so it needs to be fixed by steel structure. The quality of the steel structure directly affects the safety of the full-color LED display, especially the outdoor large-scale LED advertising display, which has very high requirements for the steel structure. The cost of the steel frame structure is second only to the screen. Because the price of steel has a considerable relationship with the time and region, the steel structure generally advises customers to buy in the local market. The manufacturer provides the construction drawings, and the customer can make the welded steel structure locally. 5. Logistics, transportation and installation of full-color LED display: The previous points are already most of the cost of the LED display, and the transportation and installation cost only accounts for 23% of the total cost. The LED display of Huaze Optoelectronics is shipped in accordance with The national standard is carried out. In order to protect the safety of the goods, all goods are processed with pearl cotton, plastic wrap, cartons, and wooden racks, and we have a comprehensive cooperation with the domestic trustworthy logistics company---Debang Logistics. The company will arrange professional technicians to assist in the installation of the LED display screen, and will conduct one-to-one operation training for customers. Through the above understanding of the issues affecting the price of full-color LED displays, the cost estimate for the cost of the LED display has been established. If you need a specific quotation, you need to contact our company to provide the requirements for the LED display and the installation environment. And size, etc., you can give a professional and detailed plan and quotation.
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